Introduction In recent years there have been a large majority of car crashes that has happened on the roads, In Hong Kong there were a total of 16,099 accidents in total in 2016 (kwiksure.

com, 2017). It is important the passengers and drivers are safe if there ever was a accident. A car crash can get serious or fatal and can cause a lot of damage towards our body. When there is a car crash, there is an airbag that comes in as a very useful tool to protect the driver and passengers from any damages to our body. The airbag comes out of the dashboard to cushion impact and keep the driver from any damages to their body.

Within this essay we will discuss about the airbag. Newton’s Law and AirbagsWhen a car crash happens, The car will decelerate very quickly within the car’s steering wheel and dashboard, there will be an crash sensor (accelerometer) that will detect the change of speed within the car. If the deceleration reaches high enough, the crash sensor (accelerometer)  will activate the airbag circuit.

The airbag circuit will pass over an electric current through a heating element. The heating element will light a chemical explosive which will reach the inflator to deploy the airbag, Older airbags will use sodium azide as the chemical explosive while newer ones use a different chemical such as nitrogen gas for the chemical explosive (, 2017). When a car crashes it is also controlled by the laws of motion. There is one law that appeals to this situation, and it is Newton’s first law, which is the Law of Inertia.

Newton’s law of inertia states that “an object will remain at rest or move at a constant speed in a straight line unless it is acted on by an unbalanced force”. This means when you are in a car crash you will be stopped by an unbalanced force. When you are in a car crash your body will be thrown out the windshield unless something stops you from being thrown out. If there wasn’t something stopping the impact the driver will hit the steering wheel while the passenger that is seated next to the driver hits the dashboard and the passengers at the back will hit the seat in front of them.

This is why airbags are a useful tool within this situation, this is because once it inflates it will block the driver and passengers from hitting any objects in front of them.  Social (Health and safety) Advantages and effectivenessIt is known that airbags have helped saved a large majority of lives when there is a car crash in the past recent years. Within the last 30 years, airbags have saved more than 28,000 lives (NHTSA, 2017). Having airbags within the dashboards have helped a lot as it reduces damage to the body of the driver and front passenger.

In car crashes, airbags have reduced driver fatalities by 29 percent as well fatalities of front-seat passengers age 13 and older by 30 percent (, 2017).  It is shown to be very effective and useful during the situation of a collision. The biggest advantages of the airbag is that it is designed to protect you from any injuries and lowering your risk of death and fatalities, The air bag offers convenience and full comfort when deployed to help insure the passenger and driver is safe, Insurance offers low cost insurance for your car’s airbags protection and the process for the airbag is simple and fast and most suited for any problematic issue as once you are in a car crash the airbag will automatically be deployed to help keep you from hitting any object in front of you (, 2014).

The airbag helps the passenger and driver offer cushioning between the driver and passenger and  the car’s interior which helps the passenger and driver to avoid being thrown out of the window.(chemistry.wustl.

edu, 2000)                                                                                               Social (Health and safety) Disadvantages                                                                         Even though airbags do have its advantages and are effective there are also disadvantages. Airbags are known to be very effective but it does have a risk of having injuries. At times, these injuries can easily lead to a fatal injury especially if the driver or passenger is position improperly. Concussions and whiplashes can possibly happen in a very minor accident, especially if the passenger isn’t very large. The risk of death is higher than the risk of an injury while in a car crash so it is recommended that all cars must have airbags to protect the driver or passenger in an accident (newroads.

ca, 2013). If the passenger or driver is not wearing the seatbelt or just a lap belt there is a very high risk where the passenger will be hurt and killed by the deployment of the airbag ( as the seat belt helps stop you from going forward in direction and the airbag only blocks you but won’t full stop you unless you also have your seatbelt on.

Airbags also pose a possible risk for passengers or drivers who are shorter than the average height, it is because the airbag was originally designed of the height of an average height person. This means the airbag could possibly punch of ones who have a short stature ( ConclusionOverall, the airbag has saved plenty of lives and is an outstanding solution towards the situation of car crashes. The airbag has helped reduce damages and injuries towards the passenger and drivers body as well as kept it from hitting any of the car’s interior and windshield.

Despite there were some incidents where the airbag have caused some injuries. In summary, the advantages and effectiveness has outweighed the disadvantage to this vehicle safety device and now all cars have been equipped with airbags to help protect the driver and passenger.


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