Introduction  From now adays we can’t live without computers and the computers didn’t came to us justlike they are now, they passed through many problems and many scientists triedto develop it. But the maintopic here is the language that we use to command the computer and receiveoutputs from it,At thebeginning the languages were very difficult that even the creators of thelanguages couldn’t recognize some of the symbols on the language. Havingknowledge about the history of those computer languages helps you more tounderstand that how hard other scientists worked to develop the languages. Year afteryear new features or updates were built or programmed to the languages and thatwas the beginning of introducing other new languages. Believe ornot, we have more than 1000 programming languages, and the first programminglanguage was created nearly 200 years ago. Just likeStairs, computer languages have passed many different levels to come to thelanguage that we use now.      Abstract We don’t know what developerspurpose was, was it money, repute, or helping people? But all we know that their creaturesintroduced us a modern age of technologies.

 The programmers aims were makingeverything work in a language even some physical things except humans, such asa computers or mobiles that we can command them in a language which thecomputer or mobiles programmed to receive the codes that we give. All software engineers must knowabout the programing languages and where they came from, because they need itfor their future jobs.  Content Page 3: Introduction.Page 5: Abstract.Page 6: Content.Page 7: Discussion.Page 8: Is it normal to talk tocomputers?Page 9: Conrad Zuse.Page 10: FORTRAN.

Page 11: B language & Clanguage.Page 13: Why Apple used ObjectiveC when there was C++?Page 14: Phython & HTML.Page 15: JAVAPage 16: Java ScriptPage 17: GoLangPage 18: Kotlin & HacklanguagePage 20: ConclusionPage 21: ReferencesPage 22: Apendex  Discussion Starts from1843, it’s a bit hard to believe that the first computer language was createdin this year because the first computer invented in 20th century. CharlesBabbage (the father of computer) In 1822 whenhe was working in a mechanical computer, he thought about a concept where youcan implement a computer. Ada Lovelacecreated the first programing languageIn 1843 butthere was a problem that not any other languages created after nearly 70 years.

During the worldwar two Alan Turing got the concept of “Turing” machine, because atthat time they wanted to decrypt the message and to do that they neededmathematicians job, Turing came with the concept of computer that decrypt themessage, and that was “Turing” machine In 1940s theElectronic machine created, that it was working with vacuum cubes, the computerwas big enough to fill nearly four rooms, after that the idea of reducing thesize gave the scientists the idea of creating CPU. Is it normal to talk to a computer? Yes it isBut all youneed is a common language between the computer and the user that both canunderstand.And that wasthe beginning of assembly language which was low level language.

Assemblylanguage was good for the normal CPU’s, but nowadays we are living in ageneration where we have octa-core CPU and more that can hold a big amount ofdata, so assembly wasn’t good enough for scientists.there camethe idea of high level language e.g (java,C++, C#,php..


.) Konrad Zuse Konrad Zusebegins work on Plankalkül, the first algorithmic programming language, with thegoal of creating the theoretical preconditions for the solution of generalproblems. Seven years earlier, Zuse had developed and built the world’s firstbinary digital computer, the Z1. He completed the first fully functionalprogram-controlled electromechanical digital computer, the Z3, in 1941. Onlythe Z4  the most sophisticated of hiscreations  survived World War II.FORTRAN First highlevel language was FORTRAN (FORmula TRANslation), created in 1957, FORTRAN wasfor converting mathematical codes into programing codes. followed bythe LISP and Algol languages in 1958 and COBOL in 1959. Third generationprogramming languages utilized actual English words for the compilers totranslate into binary or machine code.

 But thatlanguage was for math, people needed a language for business also. So COBOL(Common Business Oriented Language) language was created. PASCAL wascreated in 1970 that used to teach people about the languages because otherlanguages were little hard to learn, and then PASCAL was developed and used forbusiness purpose which you could use PASCAL to make software.B language & C language In late1970s Ken Thompson created another language called B language, and also at thattime there was an OS called UNICS that made in assembly language, Thompsonwanted to redesign that OS (UNICS) by using a modern language, all thoseconclusion led him to create another language called C language in 1972 withthe help of Dennis Ritchie that was made in Bell laboratories (some otherlanguages like C++ made in that lab). C languagewas the first complete language that you could do anything you wanted like(building networking services, building OS or a Software..

….) In Clanguage you couldn’t put an object to do your jobs, So Tom Love and Brad Coxcreated objective C Which wasjust like C language but in Objective C you could put objects in it.At the sametime Bjarne Stroustrup was working on C++, both languages (C++ and Objective C)were Derived from C language that’s why it is called Mother language.

At 1980s C++was more famous and usable by the people than Objective C, but the most usageof ObjectiveC was fromApple company which used in creating IOS system for IPhone. At thebeginning of C++ it wasn’t famous enough because it didn’t have all thefeatures which it has now because after releasing C++ it got many updates toit. Next Company(which was using Objective C to their jobs or Operating Systems) was bought byApple so that’s why that company was forced to use Objective C instead of C++. Why Apple used Objective C whenthere was C++? Because theywere using their own framework to work with that was called COCOA, As theyCombine it together it becomes a better language than Objective C. In 1983 manypeople were using UNIX because there was no Windows or Mac, so the only OSoption was UNIX, but also it needed some languages So Perl language was created(At the first Amazon built their Site using Perl language)   Phython In 1991Guido Van Rossum created Python that was the easiest language at that time andyou can learn it easier than other languages. HTML In 1993 WC3& WHATWG created a language called HTML that is still used by theprogrammers or developers to build or create websites.

 In 1994 ifyou wanted to create a website you should have used CGI (Common GatewayInterface) that was working on Phython and C languages. So in 1994Rasmus Lerdorf created PHP (Earlier : Personal HomePage Now: PHP HypertextPreprocessor) It became on of the famous languages for example Facebook andWikipedia was Build by using PHP. In 1993-1995Yukihiro Matsumoto created Ruby, that was much easier than PHP, it wasn’t thatfamous until 2003-2004 when Ruby got a framework. But Ruby isn’t a perfectlanguage that needs a framework to work which is Ruby on Rails.

Twitter wasmade using Ruby on Rails. Java In 1995 Sunmicrosystem (was a company that they were working on hardware devices) wantedto build a language which you can create a software that can work on anyplatform, that was the problem of C++ and C language, they were platformDependent that means if you build a software for a machine, it might not workon other machines.And thatidea led “James Gosling” to create Java language that we use now inour studies.He named itjava and gave it a symbol of coffee, meaning that we drink lots of coffee whenwe write a code or a program. Java isstill one of the best programming languages, Mobile applications and enterpriseapplications and many more applications or operating systems built using java.

 Java Script Again in1995 another language was created,At the firstthe name of the language was (Live Script) that we might not heard about it,the name wasn’t famous at the beginning, so they renamed it to (Java Script).There is norelation between Java and Java script except the name.You can useJava script to build applications, software and Operating Systems. In 1997Microsoft wanted to buy Java from Sun Microsystem but Sun Microsystem refusedtheir offer.

Microsoftsaid that they will create better language than Java in next 2 years, so theycopied Entire java program and built C# in 2000. In 2004Martin Odersky created Scala language, that could work with a lot of data andinformation. GoLang In 2009 Googlecreated a language called GO language that was also created by Ken Thompson(founder of B language and C language)Drop box isan example of using GO language to create applications.Kotlin In 2011Kotlin language was created, which became android’s first class language nowinstead of java that was android’s first class language.That meansyou can use Java and Cortland as a primary language to build android applications.Kotlin wasintroduced by Jetbrains (Software Company).

INTELLI Jand Android Studio also created by Jetbrains company. Hack Language In 2014 asFacebook got a lot of users and data that PHP couldn’t hold, they were alsousing many other languages like C, C++ and Java, So they modified PHP and theygot the result of hack language, which was a new language,Hacklanguage (one of the most secured languages that we have now a days) In the sameyear Apple created another language Called Swift, because Objective C was toodifficult to learn.Swift wasmuch easier and you could do the same work that Objective C language was doing.          Conclusion I think forthis generation computer languages are the most important languages that weneed.They can beused in anything, or i can say not even a machine works without thoselanguages.For examplewe use binary language in electronic machines, or Programming language insoftware or applications.Any personin his life has to look at world in another sight, the one who does that canmake a difference to the world.Just likeCharles Babbage or Ada Lovelace did, they thought about that what they had thattime was not enough for humanity,we mustcreate something new and useful and makes humans have a purposeAnd that’sthe point that i support themwe don’thave to stop inventing even if our situation is different.Programmingis the most interesting job, if you are a good programmer then you are a goodproblem solver.Learningprogramming languages is much easier than before because the codes are shorterthan before and simpler.


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