In this report
I will be explaining what peer to peer networks and client server networks are
and what advantages and disadvantages they both have. At the end of this report
it should be clearer as to which one is more advantageous than the other.


Peer to peer network


A peer to peer
network is when two or more computers are connected together that can share
information. this set up doesn’t require a server that both computers need to
be connected to. Instead of files being stored on a central server files are
stored on the hard drives of the two computers. File sharing can happen when
one user is on one computer and the other is on the second one and then one
user sends the other a file. However, the data on computer one cannot be
accessed on computer two. The computer 2 user has to send the files.


Peer to peer

Peer to peer

An advantage of a peer to peer network
is that it doesn’t require specialist equipment. This means that you don’t
need to buy a really capable computer to act a as server. This is good
because it means that if two people need to share information they can
without spending lots of money. What this means is that this type of network
is widely accessible to lots of people such as small offices or start up
businesses with few computers.
·       An
advantage of peer to peer is that it is very easy to set up. All you need is
a connection to the internet and an ethernet cable and you can start file
sharing. No specialist equipment or software is needed and most importantly
no server is required. This is advantageous as anyone can set the network up
you don’t need specialist help setting it up which makes it free.
·       You
don’t need to rely on a server. If a server that’s storing all the data gets
too hot and melts, then all the data stored on it will be lost and
unrecoverable. The two or more computers will store the information and if
one computer breaks and files are unrecoverable it doesn’t matter because
there will be other peer computers with files on them so all of the files on
the network won’t be lost. This is good because it means that there is less
of a chance of loosing everything file wise as the risk is spread out than
client server where all the eggs are in one basket.
·       An
advantage of a peer to peer network is that there are no added expenses such
as maintenance. The computers in the network are normal computers so the
users can easily maintain them by using antivirus software and anti-malware
software. There are lots of free versions online that can be downloaded which
take care of the computer all the user has to do is click on scan and the
software will keep the computer clean and safe.

·       A
disadvantage of peer to peer network is that there isn’t any security. This
means that if one computer gets infected with a virus, or gets malware, or has
a trojan, or spyware when a file is transported it could contain some of
these as the machine was infected. As these files get shared to others the
network becomes infected and computers in the network could be damaged or
files could be copied and stolen.
·       A
disadvantage of peer to peer networking is that there is no organisation for
data storing. Every user is going to store files differently, this can make
finding and sharing information difficult if a user can’t find a file on a
computer. This is bad because it defeats the purpose of peer to peer
networking which is simple and easy to use.
·       A
disadvantage of peer to peer networking is that each computer within the
network will need its own anti-virus protection and malware software.
Depending on how many computers there are in the network this can add up to
be quite expensive. One year of antivirus for one computer for Kaspersky its
£24.99. if this set up is being used in a small office space with 5 computers
that’s £124.95 each year. Over a couple of years, the money spent on
protection software could have ben put into one server which pays for it self
instead of antivirus which is a constant payment.  
·       A
disadvantage of peer to peer is that each computer in the network will need
to have a backup schedule. If even one of the computers in the network fails
to backup and the computer fails and loses all the files they will be lost
and unrecoverable.


Client server network

A client server network is
when there are two or more computers that connect to a server. The data stored
on the computers during the day is sent to the server where it is backed up.
Also with client server networks there is server software that is needed in
order for the server to be a server. The server is usually one computer that has
been upgraded so that it can handle being a server.

Client server

Client server

·       An
advantage of client server networks is that they are very secure as one
person is usually in charge of the server. This person would make sure that
the server is operating correctly and would manage the temperature of the
server room. This is good because the person in charge of this would be an
individual who is familiar or a specialist this gives peace of mind that the
files on the server are safe.
·       An
advantage of a client server network is that backups are done regularly. All
the computers in the network are connected and can be controlled. This means
that individuals don’t have to be responsible for backing up files. It’s also
good because it means that if a computer breaks the information stored on it
won’t be gone it will be on the central server. This also puts people at ease
as they don’t need to worry about data loss.
·       An
advantage of client server networks is that all the resources available are
on the serve. This is good because all the information you need is one place.
Plus, this information can be accessed from anywhere in the world depending
on internet access. This is good because it allows people within
organisations such as a college to work from home. This is good as more
options are made available to students of when are where they can do work.
·       An
advantage of client server networks is that it is easy to add more people or
resources to the network. The network is the server, one person can add more
people to the network easily. This is good because adding people to their own
computer and setting it up can take time, this way all you need to do is give
the person a user name and set up a password and they can access the same system
as every other user on it.

·       A
disadvantage of client server networks is that all the data is stored in one
place. That’s like putting all your eggs in one basket. If that one server
fails, you’re in big trouble because you don’t have anywhere else to store
files. This means that everything would be lost, important files could be
lost such as coursework for college students. this is bad because it means
that the work has to be redone.
·       A
disadvantage of client server networks is that if you want a backup of the
server you have to purchase another server, this can be very expensive, and
it would have to be better or identical to the server that has all the
information on it. this is bad because you’re doubling your initial costs and
it means more has to be spent on maintenance and cooling the servers because
there’s two of them. 
·       A
disadvantage of client server networks is that they are not easy to set up,
you need a specialised room to house the servers and you need to have cooling
capabilities for the room to make sure that the servers don’t melt. Also, to
connect the servers up and install the software you’ll need to hire someone
with the proper expertise to set this up correctly. All of this adds to the
expenses of this network and if something goes wrong setting up the network
i.e. the cooling system isn’t installed properly the while room will pretty
much set on fire. This means lots of testing will be required before it can
be used.
·       A
disadvantage if client server networks is that if the server is faulty and
crashes it means that all users are affected. No one would be able to log
into the system and access any files. This is bad because it means that
everyone connected to the network will be able to to do nothing at all. In a
college this would be bad because it means that course work can’t be accessed
and completed and then marked. It delays the work schedule.



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