Introduction Over the past years technology hasbeen advancing quite rapidly and has become an important tool in almosteveryone’s lifestyle. Human-Robot Interaction are developing rapidly in today’ssociety. Things like smart homes and cyber therapy have already made a hugeimpact in the current markets globally.

However, human and roboticrelationships is said to be the future of our world. With the way technologyand the human generations are developing, we are more likely to see humansfalling love with robots and using robots as sex partners. It is fair enough to say that the word ‘love’ would betaken to a whole new level. Love & Intimacy Love is the most powerful gift mankind could ever receive.

Some would say that love brings out that one missing thing in your heart tojust sparkle while others would say love is the worst thing one could gothrough. Loving relationships was always an exchange of act between humans andas years pass by, technology is also advancing and so love is bound to bespread in a wider scope.Jason& Ronald, who had done scientific research on Robots, Ethics and Intimacystates that in the future there is definitely going to be intimacyrelationships between human and robots in the future: “Market forces, customer demand, and other factors maydrive the creation of various forms of robots to which humans may form strongemotional attachments” Jason and Ronald continued tostate that the wordintimacy has such a deeper meaning into it where it talks about strong bond oflove and emotional attachment between two people in a committed relationship.There is more to it than sexual activities and it would also be seen as an importantaspect in a relationship between a human and a robot.Intimacy can be seen in different ways like cognitiveand emotional closeness with technology, where the technology may be aware ofand responsive to our intentions, actions, and feelings. Physical closenesswith technology, either on or within the body. The use of technology to expressour intentions, emotions, and feelings towards others. Physical DesiresOne of the very basic robots are found to be in theprice range of $6,000-$8,000.

These robots will be designed to look likehumans, as closely as possible. With a beating heart, similar facial featuresto humans, behavior and mindset of a human, seems like they will be set to takeon a course of a range of personalities which would be appropriate forsomeone’s life.                   Azaid, who wrote an article onWill Robots Eventually Be Able To Fall In Love With Humans stated Matt McMullen, the founder of Abyss Creations (theparent company behind the RealDoll) explained “It’s going to be anamazing new experience that no one has ever had before. We’re trying tocreate the desire to have sex beyond the physical. In order for people tofind themselves attracted to the AI – she’s really funny, she makes me laugh,she has the same interests as me.”Azaid continued to go on to say that robots are definitely going to behaving relationships with humans and as long as the human’s need is satisfied,that is enough for it being successful  Ethical IssuesAn emerging and significant area of concern is how robotic technologycould affect the well-being of humans during the course of their daily lives.One issue is that when people come in contact with robots, they may lose in touchwith other humans and so it may become a problem in the long term. The way humansare addicted to their mobile phones and gaming, there may be a chance that thiscan be with robots as well and so people may be treated differently in society.

                  Jason and Ronald stated andalso focused on the point that if two humans were in a relationship and if oneof them were to have sex with a robot, would it be considered cheating. Thereis no exact answer to this question as of yet but as human and robotsrelationships advances in the near future, we’ll find all the answers.MatthiasScheutz and Thomas Arnold, from Human-Robot Interaction Laboratory went aboutthat for girls, losing their virginity is an important thing and the mainquestion is would they lose their virginity to a robot? This all depends onwhether the girl just want to go on about it or actually wants to make itspecial and lose it a human who actually has feelings, emotions and is notprogramed to perform an action.                   Humans and robots are not inthe same category so there would be a lot of changes in the moral views andbeliefs in society, when Human Robotic relationships actually happen.  Pros and cons                   There will be many advantagesfor human robotic relationships, one of which would be that anyone could buythe robot. Unlike humans, you’d have to find someone who would want to get intoa relationship with you.

Another advantage is that it would be easier forpeople who do not want to be in a committed and stressful relationships.                  There are also thedisadvantages, the main one being it is really expensive. It is harsh that youhave to pay for a robot to be in a relationship with you, not the case forhumans. Secondly, human closure will be of threat because humans may be feltthat they are being dominated by robots  Conclusion Out of all the examples of Human Robotic Interaction, human and roboticrelationships is really going to be interesting. Everyone knows that it’s goingto happen in the future, there’s no doubt in that but the changes it’s going tobring in today’s society is going to be an interesting factor.

It can either beone of the best creations for man kinds or probably one of the worst.                    


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