IntroductionThe purpose of thisreport is to discuss the differences between a private practice/ professional quantitysurveyor and a contractor’s quantity surveyor within the construction industry.

Then after understanding both roles in detail, finally I consider which type ofquantity surveyor I would like to become, and how I can plan to do this in themost efficient way possible.  According to the RICSa quantity surveyor is an expert in the artof costing a building at all its stages, and although this is true and may beseen as the main role of a QS, the modern QS has a larger variety of roles thanmost think in all stages of building planning and construction. The methods I’ve usedto find out information during this report is from my lectures, internetresearch and books from the library. PQSA private or professionalquantity surveyor (PQS) works for a consultant on the client side.

A clientwould be a person or organization using the services of the PQS. Whilst the consultantis the company he/she works for giving expert professional advice. For example,Turner & Townsend, a consultant, would hire a PQS to give their expertadvice to a client of there’s which could be Carillion, Amey UK or any otherconstruction company in need of expert services. Throughout a projecta PQS will be involved in every step of the process from inception tocompletion. The PQS is a building economist concerned with the financial managementof the building project.

The professional quantity surveyors ensure that clientssecure value for money and that the completed projects provide substantial addedvalue to the client’s property asset.  In the early stagesof a project the PQS will prepare approximate estimate of the costs as well as givingadvice on alternative materials/components and assisting in feasibilitystudies. Next, during the design stage, the PQS will work on cost planning andvalue analysis. This is to ensure that the client gets the best possible valuefor money and to keep the tender figures inside the client’s budget.

 The role of a PQS isvery independent but he does work alongside a team of other professionalscompromising of the client, architect and engineer just to name a few. The  


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