Introduction substantial associations, yet the advantage can be


Cloud computing is one of the most essential which
is creating the IT industries and business organization for decade and it also
plays very important role in developing new things. Some of the technologies
which have rapid growth in these years are just because of cloud. Cloud
computing gives the organization to create their own data centers. We have lot
of cloud drives but dropbox is most important.

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Importance of cloud computing:

Everyone knows that cloud computing has high growth
in IT industries and in business field. Here we can know why choosing cloud computing
is good for your business. There are some main points has been discussed below.

·       With
the help of internet access cloud can be used in any time in any device. It helps
a lot for the business organization who works remotely. Using cloud software,
people from different place in the world can work together in anytime. Cloud service
helps you to save your business money. It is very helpful for small scale industries.

·       With
endeavors to merge your business procedures and programming, you’ve taken a
shot at a few viewpoints and things may not have worked to support you. For
this situation, Cloud Computing as one that can help you in guaranteeing that
your combination needs will be fulfilled by changing over your various
applications into easy to use benefit. This is critical for substantial
associations, yet the advantage can be delighted in by little associations

·       Now
a day’s data security has more and more importance in cloud computing. It provides
to share the data resources of different organization via internet so it makes
some security problems.

·       Environmental
friendly is very important for business organization than compared to individuals.
It connects the people from where ever they are. It helps in storing the entire
data without any risk. It is very useful in making transactions also.

·       Cloud
computing is very helpful for any organization to conduct business. Using of
cloud computing does not depend on time you can use any time. You can get free
information of real-time and same data can be used in anywhere.



                        By the above discussion
we came to know that cloud computing plays a huge important role in current world
of IT industries and business organization. By using cloud we can work on any
data from anywhere and also we can work together from different places. By the
cloud the same data can be used more than one time. So cloud computing will
lead very important in IT field and business organization in future.