In this report I will be outlining three articles that have experienced a
technical change, underwent a merger and have experienced changes due to
brexit. The articles will be of 2018 published from online newspapers.


Technical change

There are a
number of changes to the Smartphone industry in the coming of 2018, most of
which are subtle, unlike those for this season. The exception is the introduction
of a touch id sensor embedded in the screen of a little known Chinese company Vivo
along with Synaptics who have successfully showcased a prototype at 2018 CES (Consumer
Electronics Show) this January. Synaptics are the one who have perfected
the technology to be implemented in a Smartphone. You would believe this type
of innovation to be achieved by Samsung, Google or Apple by now.


The industry was waiting for some time now to see this
technology brought to market so for Synaptic to be the first to actually
achieve this is a major feat that deserves congratulations. The short story is
that Synaptic’s’ implementation is based on a CMOS sensor that sits underneath
the OLED screen and captures the fingerprint through the OLED stack with help
of illumination of the screen itself.


The structure,
weighing approximately 10 kg, has resulted in a weight limit increase from 728
kg to 733 kg. With some teams right on this year’s weight limit, they will need
to lower the mass of current components by more than 5 kg to be able to run
ballast next season, so there may some outfits slightly over the limit.


Overall, a
laptime penalty of around 0.4s will result from the Halo thanks to the extra 5
kg overall, plus the fact that its high-up position is detrimental to




Your task is to write a report that
describes, explains and analyses three
relevant newspaper articles published in the UK national print press.


Each newspaper article should refer to
a specific firm that is undergoing
or responding to a particular kind of change. Each of your three stories should
feature a different firm.




A firm that is experiencing technical
change in its industry.




A firm that is either merging, is attempting
to take over other firms, or is diversifying.




A firm that is experiencing the
effects of Brexit.



The newspaper articles you use should
have been published between 15 October 2017 and 15 January 2018.
They should come from daily broadsheet
newspapers (e.g. The Financial Times, The Guardian, The Times, The
Telegraph). It is fine to use the online versions of such newspapers. However,
‘Tabloidesque’ papers such as the Sun, The Mirror are not acceptable as sources
and neither are blogs or social media reports. Only newspapers that are
published daily are acceptable, so articles from for example The Economist
(published weekly) are not acceptable.


Your report must be submitted through
Canvas by the date and time specified above.








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