Introduction that it is their role to be


Development is keeping a balance between the needs of the human, to have a
better lifestyle and well-being and at the same time preserving the natural
resources and the ecosystem. This report is specifically talking about these
two factors. Adidas which is a leading company in the world that provides some
of the best products to its consumers when it comes to sportswear have decided
to go sustainable. Their main goal is to save the environment by preserving
water, energy and use less pesticides in their materials to give this customers
a product that is of a really good quality, secondly the well-being of the
people by providing job opportunities to many especially to the ladies in Pakistan
who were unemployed due to a certain kind of demand in the market. Adidas has
planned to go completely sustainable by 2020, as a business they have said that
it is their role to be a part of sustainable development to due to the
declining rate or resources. They have started a strategy called “Sports Needs
a Space” in which the two main factors that they are focusing on are Product
and People.

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is an overall undertaking that begun in July 1924 in Herzogenaurach, Germany
that plans for the most part sportswear for example shoes, attire, and frill
for both men and women of any age. The organization is the biggest maker of
sportswear in the world after Nike. Not many know but most of the products that
are produced by Adidas are sustainable through their new strategy called “Sports
Needs a Space”, they have been for years using less water, pesticides and
maintain the quality of their fiber which all together gives better farming
conditions and also preserves the environment. With this new strategy not only
products are bring sustainable but also the people are empowered, Adidas’s goal
by 2020 is to enlarge their workforce to all the countries in which they are
located and is also providing opportunities to women in Sialkot Pakistan who were
unemployed due to the high demand of machine-based stitching, the second one is
to Improve their health for which they were awarded The Cooperate Health Award,
last but not the least Inspire Action i.e., create responsible and innovative
methods to produce new products for their customers.


Dassler was the founder of Adidas he would make shoes in his mother’s laundry
room in Herzogenaurach, Germany when he had come back home from World War I,
soon his elder brother has joined him in shoe making and they had started a business
that was named Dassler Brothers Show Factory and specialized in making shoes
that was specifically used for athletic wear, Dasslers had sold more than
200,000 shoes each year before World War II had begun. Later in the year 1947
the two brothers had split in 1945. Adolf Dassler name is company Adidas and Rudolf
Dassler had called his company Ruda and later changed its name to Puma and
becoming each other’s rivals. Adidas had obtained its logo in the year 1952 Summer
Olympics and today it is still the best brand customer prefer when buying for sports
or fitness products due to its excellent quality.


Green Company

has been dealing with climate changes in its own ways to through its own
operations, partnership and supply chain. Through Green Company they have been
able to improve the performance of environment where they have been located,
they also have greenENERGY Fund that helps to improve energy and decrease
projects that produces more carbon. Their environmental friendly products also
produces less waste, they also prefer to transport most of their product by sea
to reduce air pollution that has been causing by vehicles on the road.

Sustainable Strategy- Sports
Needs a Space

did Adidas need to start a Sustainable Strategy? What motivated them to go

As Adidas have a really
long record of sustainability they had felt the need to improve in this area
even more by initiating the strategy “Sports Needs a Space” with people who
make their products and help the business grow even larger along with their

In their new strategy Adidas
has mentioned that because there are many challenges due to that decreasing
resources in the world, change in the climate, water crisis in my countries and
violation of human rights, all these has a risk in their industry as well as
the environment, they believe that taking action against these issues is there responsibility
as a business and they aim to have a positive impact on their business through

By going sustainable
Adidas was not only able to save the environment but also gain profile. In the
year 2017 March 8 Adidas had openly shown their sales of the year 2016 to the
public in which their net income had reached 41% to euro 1.020 billion which also
broke the stock price which had enabled them to invest in Research and
Development Projects. This has motivated Adidas a lot to go completely
sustainable by 2020 and grain greater profits.


has been doing a brilliant job in saving the environment and empowering people.
As there are many resources that a declining in the world and we do not realize
it such organizations like Adidas make us aware about the importance of these
resources and how much they matter to us. The level of the water is decreasing
and we need to take serious steps to save it. Working as an employee in Adidas
will make one more responsible towards the environment, there will be more respect
for the people they will be working with and know the importance of teamwork in
and organization.