Is circuit training
effective for weight loss?

Weight loss is a
target that can be best achieved with the help of exercise. Exercising enables
the body to burn the stubborn calories and tone up the physique. There are
various methods of exercising to help reduce the weight. One such method is the
circuit training method which is known to be most effective than any other form
of exercise when it comes to losing weight effectively. Circuit training helps
in doubling the amount of calorie that is being burnt in the body during work
out session.


Circuit training method of workout is a process
where 6-10 consecutive sets of exercises are performed with zero or very low
rest between them. One circuit consists of 6-10 different exercises and after a
person completes a circuit, he/she can rest for 2-3 minutes before starting
with the circuit again. Various exercises in the circuit target the various muscles
of the body and hence it leads to the improvement in the fitness level in its

result in minimum time

In this modern day, people do not have enough time
to spent on the gym and get fit. Steady work duration leaves individuals with hardly
any spare to time to spend at a gym. Circuit training comes to the rescue for
such people. In a span of 15 odd minutes, all exercises that result in fitness of
the body are covered up. The quick pace allows for the time to get reduced and
enhance fitness while effectively reducing weight because all the parts of the
body are equally worked out as the rage of exercises in the circuit are wide
and cover every part of the body.

workout benefit

Due to the intense workout routine in circuit
training, the metabolism soars high and the body keeps consuming huge amounts
of oxygen after the workout is over. Added to huge weight loss it results,
circuit training also keeps the calorie burning process constant after the
workout is over. It is estimated that the after effect keeps the calories
burning for more as much as 48 hours.

for weight loss

The calorie burning and the extent of weight loss
can be enhanced if certain strategies are followed while circuit training.
Pursuing intensive exercises like treadmill run for the cardio and weight
training exercises will help in maximizing the weight loss process. Doing
cardio towards the end while performing weight lifting in the early stages of
the workout successfully leads to greater weight loss.

machinery needed

People from all walks of life wish to reduce their
weights but mostly do not wish to join the gym or spend of buying workout tools
at home. Circuit training enables such people to lose weight without a pinch in
their pocket and at the comfort of their homes. Performing various kinds of freehand
exercises one after another without any gap in between can lead to weight lose
and greater fitness. Individuals can do such in their homes and reduce their
weight as circuit training is the most effective weight losing technique that
has evolved over time for all those is dire need to shed some extra kilos off
their waistline.


The biggest reason why circuit training helps in
losing weight is the fact that as the workout has no rest period in between,
the in exercise calories loss level is way higher than any other exercise. Each
circuit includes treadmill, weight lifting, free hand, and kettle bells which
lead to tiring down of the muscles and making them hyperactive. This
hyperactive state leads to oxygen consumption and calorie burning at a great


The circuit training ensures weight loss and has
been one of the most used processes of exercise when it comes to getting rid of
the extra curves. The intense workout schedule leads to faster weight loss. The
only problem that remains is that such kind of workout needs free space and
hence it is a bit difficult to do at a community gym.


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