It gives immense pleasure in recommending   Amrutha Varshini for the master’s program at your esteemed Institute. I have known her for the past four years as an Assistant Professor of the Electronics and Communication department at KNS Institute of Technology Bangalore, affiliated to VTU University. I was her mentor and guided her in various fields like Micro Controllers, Power Electronics, VLSI and lab works. In addition, I have been closely acquainted with her in her final year project “Automation of Magnetic Field Measurement Setup”.I have found her to be an industrious student with an analytical mind. She showed flair for the subject and was very ardent, as evidenced by her active participation in classroom discussions. She’s been a charismatic leader for her dedication, decision making and relation building with her fellow teammates during the project.

Her consistent performance throughout her academics, I would rate her among top 2% students whom I have come across in my career as a faculty member.During my discourse with her, I learnt that her passion for computers began with her curiosity about the desktop computer. Amrutha assembles home PCs occasionally as a hobby, which further fuels her desire to work in this particular field.

Personally, she respects and is cordial with everyone. She is liked by the professors and the students because of her friendly and open-minded nature. I must also add that she has appreciable skills in presentation.

She is an excellent orator and can take constructive criticism very well.She has actively participated in organizing the technical workshops, seminars and college’s annual fest ‘Katalyst’. During the time she spent here, Amrutha was involved in social work as well. I am certain that she will continue to demonstrate the same diligence, perseverance, and optimism that she showed myself and her peers. Amrutha has my highest recommendation for admission into master’s program in your venerated institution. I wish her every success in her life and future endeavors.


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