It is my pleasure that I am writing this letter of recommendation to recommend one of my students Ms. Vaishnavi Parvathaneni for her desire to pursue Master’s degree at your esteemed university.

I have known Vaishnavi for four years as a student of our college and also have tutored her for two years, where I taught her Computer Programming & Data Structures in first year and Design and Analysis of Algorithms in the second semester and through my observation, I would like to say that she is attentive, studious and articulate. My interactions with her extended to her practical sessions in Third and final year and also during her major project. During the course of her project in her final semester she worked on building an application devised for the web platform named ‘Co-Extracting Opinion Targets & Words from Online Reviews’ which was also awarded the most popular project because of its popularity among the students due to its attractive features and productive content.

 Vaishnavi had also presented a good seminar on ‘IT Conscriptor’ during her final semester in B.Tech. She presented it with confidence  in a lucid manner and was forthcoming with answers to questions raised by the other participants during the seminar.Apart from academics, Vaishnavi is hard-working and multi-talented. She has the enthusiasm to learn new technologies , with great grasping power and was very proactive in most of the institutes’ activities.

She has been an active member of the Students’ Council for 2 years – the main student body of our college. I have a strong opinion that with her maturity, competence and ability to work diligently it indicates that she can perform well even in a highly competitive atmosphere and I am of the view that she will be a worthy student at your esteemed university, which will be the ideal place for her to improve upon her existing skills by pursuing a Master’s program.


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