It all began in 1914, when some Serbian Nationalists were not happy with the Austria-Hungarian Government. They decided to assassinate the Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

The first attempt failed as  the bombs that were supposed to hit the car of Franz Ferdinand, but it hit some police officer behind him. But, Ferdinand decided to go visit the officers in the hospitals, and happen to go by one of the Assassins, who shot him dead. The Austria-Hungary Government was mad and thought that the Serbian government was behind it. They sent a list of demands to the Serbians, and when they declined, They went to war. Russia went to the side of Serbia, so Germany went to the side of Austria-Hungary. Then, France joined on the side of Serbia. Then Germany invaded France by going through a neutral Belgium.

They Thought it would be a quick war, but Great Britain went to war versus Germany, due to the fact they invaded neutral country in Belgium The Great War has begun.By 1918, The War was horrible for the German People. The Central Powers, led by Germany, were being pushed back on all fronts. This made the German People mad, because German Soldiers dying on the battlefield, no food to the people of Germany due to a British Naval blockade, and it was looking the Central Powers were going to lose. This built the tension between the German Government and the German People. The German People wanted the Kaiser Ousted, or, kicked out of the government. Their wish came true on November, 9th, 1918, and 2 days later, on the 11th day on the 11th hour, an armistice was reached, end the Great War.

The Kaiser ran away to the Netherlands, later, to die in 1941. This was a big change for the politics of Europe. The German Government would be come unstable, later, to have Adolf Hilter as the German Leader in the mid 1930’s.

This would lead to the next World War. Sources 1 2  1 1 2 1 


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