It has come to attention that our company’s recent posts on Twitter has been full of clichés and slang.

Thus, the purpose of this memo is to provide recommendations on how to improve the ways to promote the company on social media.  Word choice is very crucial for any business in terms of advertising. In order to ensure a clear message has been addressed, it becomes necessary to follow a professional approach so that the meaning and value of the context is maintained. The following are some recommendations that should be kept in mind while promoting the company online:·      Generate discussions – Instead of posting tweets filled with clichés and slangs, asking conversation starter questions is a good way to nurture our relationships with customers. Starting a discussion increases the chances of reaching new people who follow our consumers. For example, through Twitter’s keyword targeting, we can target our tweets to different users based on something they’ve tweeted and also so that our tweets show up when people are searching for various topics relating to our business.·      Share new knowledge – Consistently promoting the company in every post is not a pleasant idea, therefore sometimes it would be better to post little known facts in a light and funny way, only to keep our customer’s interests towards the company. ·      Manage context – We should consider posting pictures of what our team has achieved to show people that we do not just say things but do them too.

 It is important for us to understand that online image is also essential for our company’s promotion. It would be best if we can bring these recommendations into action immediately. From now onwards, we hope to create a better and improved way to communicate with our customers effectively. 


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