It can be concluded that there are various advantages
of merger and acquisition in banking sector like increase in customer base,
increase in branches , increase in number of product  and service offered,  increase in number of ATM network, increase
in number of employees , benefits of expertise employees , access to various
region in the country, increase in deposit and advance amount. There are also
various challenges like difference in deposit rate and interest rate,
difficulty in managing nonperforming assets, difficulty in managing the
employees because difference in salary structure, etc. after analysis post merger
financial performance we can say that after merger and acquisition, there is
increase in net interest income, increase in profitability, increase in number
of customers, improve liquidity, share price has been increased.


ü  Increase ATM network in the country

ü  Access to international business

ü  Increase in deposit and advances

ü  Increase in customer base

ü  Increase in branch network

ü  Economies of scale

 Strategies Adopted (SYNERGIES FROM MERGER)

This research
aims to analysis of merger and acquisition in banking sector in India. This
paper also looks into the challenges and problems related to merger and
acquisition in India, post-merger analysis of financial performance and post-merger
analysis of number customer bases and network. This research have used descriptive research design .
The source of data collections used is secondary data. The data has been
collected from the published financial statements by the company’s in their
annual reports. Sample sizeof the research is that of Merger of kotak
Mahindra bank and ING vyas bank.

In the last few
years, India had witnessed a substantial hike in the mergers and acquisitions
(“M&A”) activity. Many can expect the increase in the M deals in
India as both the foreign investors and local investors are seeing India
towards a great tremendous growth in the sector . In the context of mergers and
acquisitions in the banking sector, it can be reckoned that size does matter
and growth in size can be achieved through mergers and acquisitions quite


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