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It is well known that usually police services are funded by public funds and are there to protect the public in return. Although, it is less known that police services have the ability to charge for their services. In section 25 of the Police Act 1996 (1) voiced that the police force ‘may provide, at the request of any person, special police services at any premises or in any locality in the police area for which the force is maintained, subject to the payment…of charges….’. 

However, there have been multiple cases questioning the charge as they argue that the service provided by the service place should still come under protecting the public like they would normally through public funds. in the case of Leeds United Football Club Ltd v The Chief Constable of West Yorkshire police (2) it was held that despite the police services being demanded for a private event, that police service does not characterise as a special service if it is not on land that is not being rented, organised by an events organiser or actually owned. 
In Wigan Athletic Football Club v Greater Manchester Police (3) the application of competition law was thoroughly discussed in regards to the charges on the grounds, despite the issue not being resolved, it did leave an open door as to whether completion law can be applied in this instance to special police services. Although it is fairly obvious that that completion law does apply to the special service as the special service is demanded usually when a event is organised by an events organiser. In South Yorkshire Police v Sheffield United Football Club (4) it was hightlighed that the special services of the police are needed to “ensure that the event takes place in conditions which do not occasion danger to any person or property” . In recent times, it much easier for private organisers to hire security instead of special service police. This was seen in Reading Festival v West Yorkshire Police (5), which clearly portrays the link between competition law and the requirement of special services, as in this position the special services are simply in competition with private security operators.  

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In further response to whether completion law is applied to special services  in Reading Festival v West Yorkshire Police (5) and Wigan Athletic Football Club v Greater Manchester Police (3) both cases underlined that despite the statutory allowing for special police services to be offered, the Chief constable is in charge of how many police officers are needed where and when to ensure they behaviour is orderly. Thus, it is then questioned whether the discussion of the amount of police officers required is needed or actually decided on a competitive basis. 

The private 21st party is vulnerable to causing problems, given that the party is on private property (cricket club), the hosts of the party need to be understanding of the fact that if anything was to happen it could damage private land and so they could be  taken to court for abusing the land. Furthermore, Rita and Bob highlighted they were worried about people leaving other clubs and bars and turning up, potentially drunk,  if people turn up uninvited to a private birthday party and due to there being no private stewards controlling entry it is almost obvious that anyone can just walk in, unless someone from the party tries to stop them which could then cause and argument and due to them being under the influence of alcohol, they are more likely to react childishly. Despite them being to a number of similar events at the cricket club snd there has been no widespread issues does not mean this party too, will have no widespread issues and for that reason police presence nearby will be needed, and potentially not only  between the suggested hours but possibly more. However, it could be worse if the party is posted on social media.  Although, it is not definite that there will be any issues, it does depend on whether it is posted on social media, and also whether people just turn up uninvited and as there are no security guards at the door they can do this without a problem. In addition, it also depends on what state those people turn up, if they are drunk, there is more likely going to be an argument and potentially a fight. It could also be suggested that if guest see police being present they may act more sensibly which could avoid trouble. 

This football match requires maximum police protection in all aspects, from traffic control, audience control and also protection of the town. Thus, highlighting a high demand in police despite the concerned levels of resources. It is stated that the Hereford Town FC have been drawn against Blackwater FC whom are a much higher league, which could suggest the match is more likely to be competitive and popular which could also lead to more issues, such as extreme noise disruption to physical fights between the fans of the separate clubs. It is well known that Blackwater fans have a reputation for hooliganism and thus a concern they will cause trouble in local pubs and at the match. therefore, if Blackwater fans are known to have that reputation, where they are known to behave in a childish, drunk and competitive manner it is vital that there is police everywhere in order for issues to be avoided or calmed down. However, it must also be acknowledged that the fans of Hereford town are also likely to go into town to confront the Blackwater fans, which could also end up in physical and verbal fights, both at the match and local pubs around the town, if police are there before, it could calm issues down and prevent fans from either side to get into arguments. In addition, some fans will be arriving by coach and the others by train, therefore police need to be there to be in control of traffic and also possibly at train stations to prevent disruption to the public services and due to excitement of the fans, there is likely to be disruptions. Hereford Town FC usually have two police officers on duty around the outside of the ground on the forecourt, as there are residencies and some stables close to the ground accessible via a public footpath. The police also provide a police car on the main road to monitor and direct traffic. Thus, underlining the demand for police on this event despite the lack of police. It must also be considered of the financial situations as due to their already being a high demand of police services but lack of resources to meet the demand, offices have been asked to work additional hours and so wages costs are also increasing. The Club are worried about the threat of disorder and have asked for 6 officers inside the ground in addition to the usual two outside the ground. This is what they requested and what was provided the last time they had a similar match 3 years ago. However, the match three years ago was not against Blackwater FC, whom are from a higher league and so this could indicate they will definitely be in need of more police services. 

The festival is in demand for multiple police services, for example, despite Joanna saying that the first of the two days is more likely to be a relaxed family day and the second day being more edgy there is no certainty that will this be the case and it could end up both days becoming ‘edgy’ therefore, it must be highlighted that the police will be needed properly for both days. Additionally, it is mentioned that despite it being a ticket event it is still difficult to control entrance and exit, due to it being in a park, and there are so many ways of getting in without a bought ticket it is technically open for anyone to come on either days, which automatically leads to trouble as it could depend from where they are coming; they may already be drunk and thus more prone to causing a physical or verbal fight. However, if Joanna focuses on higher security which should make it harder or almost impossible to get into the festival without a ticket, though this is not certain. Furthermore, Joanna has voiced her strong opinions on her zero tolerance polity to drug use, and is particularly worried for Monday, and so has asked asked that the police be present on site and operate a small mobile station that can quickly process any arrested festival goers and deter obvious drug dealing, this will be effective in controlling drug usage, although there is no guarantee that there will be no drug usage, this could be due to the ease of people being able to get in without a ticket and so they could be in possession of drugs and also using or dealing them secretly. In the initial reply to Joanna the Chief Constable has indicated that some plain clothes offices may be utilised on both the Sunday and Monday, it must also be remembered that this will cost more however it is more likely to catch drug use more effectively. Joanna also suggested that if the mobile station is used it will be on both days, thus the need of police services will be needed for two days in order to catch drug abuse and only allow people in that have valid tickets. Furthermore, Joanna commented on how police will also be needed to control traffic and diver them to one central parking area and in order for more traffic jams to be avoided there should be enough police on duty to control it effectively. It must be considered that this is a two day festival and not one and so from a financial perspective, officers will be needed to work extra hours in order to prevent both drug use and traffic issues.

In conclusion, the management consultancy should focus on providing police presence for the 21st birthday private party, from the beginning to the end of the party, due to no security at the door so anyone uninvited to the private party will be able to attend, although it could also be suggested to the hosts of the party to instead have police presence , hire security for the door who checks who is coming and whether they have actually been invited to the private party or not. It should be noted that without having either security or police presence there is a high likeliness of a situation such as a fight happening, due to the guests most likely being under the influence of alcohol. 

In the event of the football match between Blackwater FC and Hereford Town FC, it is vital for their to be police protection both before and after the match. Due to it being such a high profile match and it being highlighted that the fans of Blackwater FC are known to be ‘hooligans’, this could cause many issues, from verbal and physical abuse. Even when fans are travelling into the town by coaches or trains before and after the match this could cause havoc and so traffic needs to be controlled efficiently to prevent any accidents or traffic issues, along with the public transport also not being disrupted to fans of Blackwater FC.

Overall, it can be highlighted that police services are needed for two-day long festival event, it is well known that drug use is high during events such as festivals, in both dealing and taking terms. Furthermore, the chief constable advised that police will wear plain clothes which is likely to catch drug use much more efficiently, so this will be extremely effective for Joanna and the police services. Thus, police services should protect the two-day festival heavily, in order to prevent drug use and traffic issues.