IT Problem:Ohio Youth Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps young people from the poverty-driven area to get them out of poverty. In particular, the organization focuses on youth who have been exposed a to drugs and would like to get back to the normal life. Ohio Youth Foundation objective is to provide 6-months vocational training and provide 6-months internship to the young people.

While they go for the 6-months vocational training, the organization also covers a certification program to persuade future education. Ohio year up foundation covers the wide area within the state of Ohio. It has operation offices in Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati metropolitan area. Since the operational area is very large, the organization often struggles to find youths who would benefit from it. One of the lacking areas is on the technology side.

Ohio Youth Foundation has no website which makes the things difficult. Youth who are exposed to the drug often find difficult to find such program that would help them get back to normal society. In addition, governmental organizations and the public don’t often know what Ohio year up foundation does because it doesn’t have a website.

The only way to find out about this program is thru the word of mouth. The main problem with Ohio Youth Foundation does not have any website where young people from the poverty-driven area will never hear from the federal government that could help them educated and saves their lives. Another problem with Ohio Youth Foundation with not having a website is a major loss because federal government or nonprofit sector are not able to know about the program and they are unable to donate fund through a website. There is the possibility Of Future Ohio Youth Foundation not being able to help youth people to go with their important work. They will have no any other option available but to shut down their doors to the young people that desperately need the training and hands-on skills provided by Ohio Youth Foundation.The significance of the project:The success of any organization would in the modern day be hinged on how well it utilizes modern day technology in running its operations. With better technologies being developed every other time, organizations have to factor in a number of issues and factors that would favor certain technologies over the other.

By having website Ohio Youth Foundation able to reach not only in Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati but also in whole Ohio state. Ohio Youth Foundation will be able to bring more youth people to social media, blog, and newspaper. This will bring a more corporate partner and federal partner to the organization which increases more people to learn of what Ohio Youth Foundation does.

It also creates an awareness program and creates a door for youth people that helps young people from the poverty-driven area to get them out of poverty. It will bring more addict young people and change their career and life. It also helps visitors to know what kind of service Ohio Health foundation provided to young youth. It’s likely that the donations fund will increase because having a website will give an opportunity to the donors to donate money at their own time. The website will allow to bring more mentor and track your visits.

Not only organization provide a free training. If any other employers are looking for a junior programmer, data analyst and many more. Ohio health foundation has a variety of youth people who have 6-month hands-on experience on the program. Implementing the website will allow bringing more youth on this program who could be changing their life. They are able to post more information on social media and posting service to exposed drugs area. For example, if more youth are using drugs in the southern part of Ohio.

We can post this information and bring more youth on board to changes their life. We can also send an event information to youth, donor, and volunteer who are part of this organization. They can sign up the service and even sign up the mentorship program.

The website also has mentorship form for the user who wants to help youth people change their life. We can combine many marketing strategies which will communicate with a corporate partner, federal partner, mentor, visitor and donor.Below are the few of the significant benefits having an Ohio Youth Foundation website that provides as follows•    Increase more donation which helps youth people to became educated•    Reach more young drug addict people who like to go back to normal life•    Gain more corporate partner and federal partner•    Opportunity for College Graduate to became mentor to impact youth life•    Company can hire young adult who has 6-month hands-on experience in Ohio Youth Foundation program•    Can target each donor specifically•    Website is Easily updated since it is more dynamic•    Gain more tutor for youth to receive technical skillsGoals and Objectives of the project:The main objective of this project is to design the new website to bring a more corporate partner, federal partner and grab federal government attention. This project is divided into following objectives:1.    Making this website user-friendly and easy to navigate by both technical and non-technical folks.2.    The website has all the information about youth stories, company information, what kind of vocational programming company provide to the youth.3.

    Even though some visitor may not able to contribute financially. They may able to do volunteer service or mentor youths.4.

    Make donation page more secure. So that donor can donate for the youth program.5.    After the successful completion of this project, same youth who learn all the technical skills at the program will maintain this website. No additional staff is required. 6.    Youth stories and testimonials who have benefited from Ohio Youth Foundation and change their lives.

Deliveries:Upon the completion of this project, Ohio Youth Foundation will have a fully functional dynamic website. The website is the category into many tabs such as Home Page, Future Youth, For Employers, Get Involved, Donate, About US, Upcoming Event and Stories & News. The website will have the home page which will describe young people from poverty-driven area purpose and needs to their audience. An About Us Page will have the main menu which consists of our locations, Vision Mission Values, Leadership and history of Ohio Youth Foundation. On the future Youth page, it has all the information about what Ohio Youth Foundation offers, who can apply and past youth stories. The main objective of future youth page is to provide a brief description of what Ohio Youth Foundation provided to young. Another page will be For Employers page. This page will serve a become a corporate partner and federal partner.

The whole objective of employer’s page is to bring a more corporate partner with Ohio Youth Foundation. Another page will have been Get Involved page, this will serve more detail about became a mentor and the opportunity society. This page will have all the information regarding how to become a mentor and ways to help new youth.

There will be donated page which links to the donate online form and matching. Stories and News Page link to youth stories, Highlight, and news. Stories and News Page will all the information regarding youth stories how Ohio Youth Foundation completely change their life and career. at the top of the page, there will be a link to social media which help the viewer to know the general overview of Ohio Youth Foundation. When the user clicks on the social media page, it has all the reviews, youth stories how Ohio Youth Foundation help achieve their goals. Finally, there will be upcoming event section which has a calendar and upcoming event. Upon delivery, this project, the purpose of this project is to bring a more corporate partner and grab government attention to provide more training and internship to youth people.

Methodology:Below are the few of the Following methodology that is being proposed for this project:1.    Estimate project schedule.2.    Propose a plan for backups of data and equipment3.    Addressing security and privacy issue.4.

    Using modern web technology tool such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to make website more dynamic5.    Describe a plan for measuring the success of new website6.    Train the technical to provide instruction, training, and help how to use the new website.

7.    Discuss accountability and responsibility for systems misuse and failure.Risk:The risks involved in the process of the project that could alter projected constraints include:•    Lack of technical expertise. Ohio Youth Foundation does not have an expert web developer to design a good user-friendly interface which meets government regulation and laws.•    Involved many people on the project to make the decision. The company cannot afford to hire a web developer, data engineer, and business analyst to meet government standard.

•    A budget problem such as buying framework, data, and security tool to keep website more secure. After the website launches a few risks might overcome including:•    Website not functions properly or going offline.•    Data and Security Breach•    The user did not trust the how the donation is handled because Ohio Youth Foundation did not make that site secure to form filled in for the donor.


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