It’s unbelievable,but truth be told women really find it hard to acknowledge the truth that thelove of there is falling out of love for her. Despite the evidence still theytend to reject the idea for whatever reason they conceived. In addition, theywill search incessantly to find signs of his affection, and if they could notfind it they will voluntarily invent them in their thoughts.A piece of advice;the faster you do away with your illusions and accept the reality that your relationshipis history, the quicker you can bounce back and be happy once again.

It may notbe with him, but surely you can find somebody who would delight your heart. Inthis case, do not find for signs of his affections; instead find look formanifestations that he is no longer in love with you.Do not get dissuadedwith his candy-coated words as he is capable to say a thousand words he expectsyou to listen. Instead of listening to his empty words and promises why don’t youfocus on his actions? Remember, “Actions speak louder, more than word can say.”If you have doubts on how your partner behaves lately then, it’s time for youto observe.

To help you sort out his actions, check the lists listed below formanifestations that your man does not love you anymore. They will guide you todiscern and move on from that toxic relationship.#1. You are just an option, not his priority.If you notice thatyour man is more indulged on other matters and takes you for granted along withyour relationship then, wake up. It is crystal clear he lost interest in you.

#2. Commitment is not his cup of tea.Take note of hisactions every time you open up topics about settling down or having a familywith him. If he always avoids that issue then, watch out.

You can never trustthat he wants to grow old with you.#3. He always put you in the backseat. A woman is the mostprecious thing a man could ever have if he is head over heels over you. He willalways see to it that you are his top priority among anything at all. So, ifyou notice that he always you at the 11th hour and expects you togive up everything for him, then dump him. He is just loves you because heneeds you to fulfill his needs.#4.

Always talking about his Exes.. When a man alwaystalks about his exes and his bitterness of his past relationship yet continueto communicate with them, better pack up and leave without any hesitation. Heshould bury that skeleton of the past and put you on top of any other woman inthe world.#5. He is very manipulative.A manipulative manalways interferes with your decision. He always thinks he is superior over youand that you should do what pleases him.

If that’s the case, then girl, it’s a clearmanifestation that he is just using you. A man who loves you is sensitive toyour feelings; he will never do anything that might bruise your spirits.Now that you knowsome of the most obvious manifestations of a man falling in love with a woman,what will you do girl? You better act now, or it will destroy your self-worth,get some dignity and leave him. 


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