It’s which is of my greatest interest. Hence,

It’s my earnest endeavor to deserve what I want.
During the last year of my undergraduate courses I with my two classmates chose
one of the Graph Theory topics as
the focus of our research and that whole year I found myself devoted to that
very research. This was the foremost opportunity to get accustomed with any
research work of Computer Science at
Bangladesh University of Engineering and
Technology, the most prestigious
engineering university
of Bangladesh. I ended up
with admirable success accomplishing the research by implementing a polynomial
time algorithm for “On Vertex Covering
by Weighted Paths and its Subtree variation on Trees” with viable
restriction on path sets. The result can be used as path-based transfer model
for machine translation which in simpler term is the translation from one
language to another with the help of software.  Graph
Theory and Algorithm thus became
my favorite choice.

This incident drives my potential inclination towards research.  After completing my undergraduate courses, as
I decided to stay in touch of my subject, deliberately I took the job of a Software Engineer at one of the famous
research based software company of Bangladesh – Structured Data Systems Limited (SDSL). This is the place where my
exposure to other research area of computer science began. While I found Data Security to be more and more
challenging and there have been a lot of on-going work to secure confidential
data by implementing Access Control,
these are still inadequate.  I became
more meticulous and found Information
Flow Control as the missing part of the story. I believe prospective
research in this area can fulfill the requirement of Data/Information security,
which is of my greatest interest.  Hence, these comprise my research interest on
Information Security and Confidentiality.

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University of Texas at San
Antonio and some of its CS faculty are involved in
various potential researches in the area of Information Security and Confidentiality. 
Researches like “A framework for private statistics between two participants”,
“Towards Formal Verification of Role-Based Access Control Policies”, “A
Policy-based Approach to Solving Information Asymmetry Problem in Email Systems”
etc. are very closely related to my interest. The main idea here is to secure
data from the intruder so that they do not have the chance to get access of the
information any way. I also found Dr. William H Winsborough with other CS
faculties aimed to develop a programming language where privacy policy will be
embedded. This is certainly the goal of the Information Flow Control discussed
in couple of the sections. Thus the language will control the data flow that
will ensure the end-to-end policy compliance. To be concise, I will be delighted to get any opportunity
of working under the supervision of Dr. William H Winsborough.


Let me introduce another of my research
interests. In SDSL I was involved in various Software Engineering processes. In comparison with the other
processes requirement analysis still seems very vague to me. There is no such
standard method that can guarantee the correct way of requirement analysis in
the practical field. It is obvious from my empirical knowledge that today’s software
development phases are not concentrated. They are getting more agile and remote
than earlier. There should be ample opportunity to develop ideas regarding the
requirement analysis and other fields of software development.


All my motivations combined with my skills,
academic knowledge and aptitude have geared me up to go straight with the path of research as my career. And
the very objective is to find novel results that will be applicable to
subfields of Computer Science and hence will enrich the field and thus I want to achieve my own satisfaction along
with world class reverence for my country. 


Moreover, snippets from my biography may help to
determine my passion for research. Each of our four brothers has Computer Science background. Eldest
brother is having his Ph.D. (Artificial Intelligence) at Tokyo Institute of
Technology, Japan.
In addition my spouse, who is a Physics Masters, is on the way to achieve her
second Masters degree in Material Science. She is in Rennes, France
and also aimed for Ph.D. These particulars certainly portray my craving for
research as quite a natural predilection. The aspiration to pursue my research
in any of the aforementioned areas is definite and University of Texas at San Antonio bouts it from every aspect.