Jackie Robinson was a successful advocate. He was the first African-American to play in the major leagues. But he was originally neglected by fans just because of his color. But others greatly appreciated him for becoming an aggressive campaigner for civil rights. Robinson’s life was not always easy. Jackie kept his word and his dignity no matter the circumstances, which makes him one successful advocate.    An “Advocate” is a person who openly supports a particular cause. The skills that a successful advocate can have may vary.  Modeling appropriate behavior, speaking/ acting on the behalf of others and problem-solving are required to become an advocate. If Robinson failed by any unsettling measures– Reacting angrily to racial slurs, demonstrating behavior that fit the stereotypes of so many blacks, superior-thought teammates  – then the actions he took in the civil rights movement, would face greater obstacles than it had to overcome.    Robinson was successful because he stood for his moral principles no matter what anyone said or did. Many people looked up to him because he had so much on him as a famous figure; holding baseball and the Black society on his back. Even in the first passage, it says, “..Jackie Robinson was remembered more for griping about the league’s showboating and lack of training and discipline…”  Lots of people reckoned him for the ability to apply grace to sports and still have emotion in pain. Jackie was successful because he stood for his moral principles.In Jackies days, there were some rough days. He wanted to leave his true sense of legacy behind. At one point he felt like he was treated horribly because of his background.  In the second passage it reads, “..Even after he had become one of the most admired personalities in America, Robinson could spring up and cry racism at umpires…”. Robinson could spring up a racial slur without hesitation, he wanted people to see his mean side; The struggle of his backstory. But he knew that it wasn’t right because that’s not what he stood for. Jackie wanted a different legacy left behind for all races.He became a successful advocate for racial indifference because of his voice. He continued to strive for political services and civil rights. He even helped with integrated schools in Washington D.C. Jackie made a great community in his time and after by aspiring African-Americans to believe in himself and focus on their future like he did. More African-American figures like our former president Barack Obama are getting a chance at life. Today there are more African Americans that are in the position of sovereignty than ever. Jackie Robinson became a successful advocate because of his work ethic and voice.


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