January 18, 2018Dear Mom and Dad, I would love to go to Illinois. Even though I was here with Teta, we didn’t see everything.

The whole family can have a lot of fun since there are many cool things to do. I think our whole family would like to go here because all of us either went by ourselves or went when Nina and I were not born yet. Now, if everyone went as a family, no one will be left behind! I think both of you would like to go to Starved Rock State Park because you both love nature and animals. It is located in Utica, Illinois which is near the Chicago River. The name of the park actually came from a group of Indians who were left to starve to death on one of the rocks in that area.

There are lots of forms of entertainment like hiking, camping, fishing, horseback riding and winter sports. Eagle watching is most popular in this park, so we will find more people when the Eagles are migrating. You can find waterfalls, beautiful flowers and more when you are walking by. The next place I think we should go is The Fashion Outlets Of Chicago. It is located in Rosemont, Illinois.

I think Nina, Mom and I would like to go because we are all girls, and we love fashion, beauty, and shopping. A cool fact is it has more than 150 stores in the outlet by one! It cost $250 million to build it. It officially opened on August 1, 2013. It is 530,000 square miles long. Guess what? In the year of March 2015, the outlet was awarded Best Factory Outlet in the World! The best part about it is it has free parking EVERY SINGLE DAY!I would like to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo next. You know me.

.. I love animals, especially baby ones! It is located in Chicago, Illinois which is a familiar area of Illinois.

The best part about going to the park is that you don’t have to pay any money to visit! It is open 365 days a year so we can go whenever we want to go! It is the most beautiful place in the world! There is so much to see at Lincoln Park Zoo. You can visit animals or go to the gift shop full of stuffed animals and accessories! Did you know, it is the oldest zoo in the UNITED STATES! If we go to another zoo, then we would have to pay to go because Lincoln Park Zoo is the only free zoo in Illinois! If we go then we will see worldwide species of animals so there will be plenty of animals to look at it in the whole zoo. I think Mom and Dad would want to go to The Anderson Japanese Gardens. Mom, you like gardens, Dad likes nature, so why not? These gardens are located at Rockford, Illinois. The Anderson Japanese Gardens has 20 acres of land in total. If you like relaxing this is the place for you there are tons of flowers and luscious greens. The Gardens officially opened in 1978. Did you know Anderson Japanese Gardens are still growing to this day?While you are walking through the gardens you will find swampy areas and paths.

Everybody would want to come to Oak Street Beach it is located in Chicago, Illinois. All of you like to relax and just enjoy life. This beach was awarded The Certificate Of Excellence. The workers that are in charge of the beach try their best to keep the beach as clean as they can. There are lots to do, you could take a walk, get a drink at the bar, play some volleyball, or have a bite at the restaurant alongside the beach.I would really want to go to Illinois for a vacation because I think the whole family can have a break from their everyday lives.

The following places I would like to go are Oak Street Beach, Japanese Gardens, Lincoln Park Zoo, The Fashion Outlets Of Chicago and Starved Rock State Park. Love,Ella


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