Java is programming language it was written by James Gosling,Mike Sheridan, Patrick Naughton ,Chris Warth and  Ed Frank while they are working in Sun Microsystem as project in June 1991 initially named as Oak programming language. It took 18 months to develop the working version of it.

The project named as Green Project for Oak  later it was renamed as JAVA.Many people are involved during the evolution of the JAVA and performed the key role for maturing the original prototype.For designing the JAVA James used the C/C++-style syntax so it is easier to the system and application programmers.

JAVA is a General Purpose,Class based,Object Oriented,Platform Independent,Portable,Architecturally Neutral, Multi-threaded,Dynamic,Distributed,Portable and Robust interpreted programming language.The first public version of JAVA is JAVA 1.0 released in 1995 and it look like ( WORA- Write Once Run Anywhere ) with free runtime of many popular platforms.

This version was mainly designed and aimed for programming  home appliances which ans be controlled by different processors. Also the feature that allows you to make security configurations providing the limited access over network. Later release to this version introduced in 1996 as  JAVA 1.1 includes in the JDK-Java Development Kit with Runtime Compilers and provides the runtime environment .As time goes the evolution happens over the years severals versions introduced  with different features and capabilities.

We will see those one by one JAVA 1.2 new version quick fix to the former version introduced in 1998 with major changes like Rewrite the event handling,synchronization of thread and JIT compilers. Kestrel Java JAVA 1.3 introduced in May 2008 it comes with changes like Hotspot,JAVA Sound,Platform Debugger Architecture,Synthetic Proxy Classes and Remote Method Invocation to support optional compatibility with (CORBA).Common Object Request Broker Architecture is standard define by the object management group to provide the communication of systems that are deployed on different platforms.Also the Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) is API which is set of subroutine definitions protocols and tool for building application software.

Merlin  Java 1.4 introduced in  Feb 2002 with expanding language features  and available API’s with some prediction at certain point in code.Next update was named as Tiger Java JAVA 1.

5 introduced in  Sept 2004 which comes with Generics- provides the compile time safety,Autoboxing/Unboxing,Shortening the for loop,Static Imports, JVM improvements  and Metadata/Annotations helps to generate code and deployment descriptors from annotation in the same code.  Mustang Java 1.6 introduced in Dec 2006 with Scripting,Database,Monitoring Management ,Pluggable Annotations and Bugfixes.The Dolphin Java 1.7 was introduced on July 2011 comes up with compressed 64 bit pointers,new file I/O library,concurrency utilities and Timsort is used to sort  collections and arrays of objects instead of merge sort.Spider Java JAVA 1.8 introduced in March 2014 which  works on features was organised in terms of JDK enhancement proposals And finally The latest JAVA 1.9 was introduced in Sept 2017  better support for multi-gigabyte heaps and code integrations.


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