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Job Advertisements

Job Title: Senior Engineer in an Automobile Company

Job Description

The Automobile/automotive engineer is charged with, designing, developing, testing, building, and modifying models of vehicles. He/she is involved in designing automotive parts for engines, batteries transmissions among other parts, testing them and other duties as delegated by the chief engineer.

Salary Range

The salary of the automobile engineer ranges from $39, 550 to $78, 000 annually, excluding allowances and benefits that come with the position.

Allowances and Benefits

The chosen applicant will be entitled to a leave of 30 working days annually, medical cover for the family, insurance cover for the chosen applicant, and an opportunity to more training. The allowances include traveling allowance and house allowance.

Responsibilities and Duties

Conducting research based experiments Developing new designs for engine and other parts of a vehicle based on research carried out Modifying existing equipments and parts for improvement in the vehicles as well as production equipment Using computerized support in the work and testing of vehicles upon completion Work towards reducing emissions of harmful to environment, which is a major concern in the current world He is also responsible for ensuring coordination of operations in the production line and research workshops. Supervising the workers directly below him/her position. Carrying out other duties as directed by chief engineer

Knowledge and Skills Required

The ideal applicant will be required to have a strong interest in engineering and designing of vehicles, competent in solving problems, planning ability, and good in researching. In addition, both written and verbal communication are necessary, good technical writing skills for writing technical reports and able to work with a team as well as offer leadership and motivate workers.

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from a recognized institution A Master’s degree related to the field is an added advantage Four years experience in a similar position within a busy organization Good in using computer applications to mechanical work Must have work in an automobile company/organization for a year Other qualifications related to the above are welcome.

Addressing and submission of application

All applications must be turned in to the Human Resource Department through email at [email protected] or [email protected] with job title as heading not later than 11:00 am on March 20, 2012. Hand delivered applications will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Job Title: Hotel Employee Relations Manager

Job Description

Employee relations in the hotel are concerned wit ensuring harmony between employee and management a well as interdepartmental relationships. The employee relations manager is served with tasks such as management of grievances form employee, absenteeism, paternal and maternal leaves, managing employee performance, ensuring good working conditions as well as equality in the organization.

Salary range

The salary ranges form $65,985 to $103,785 dollars annually excluded of added benefits and allowances.

Allowances and benefits

The successful applicant is entitled to a 30 days working leave, training benefits annually, medical covers for family, personal insurance and a company car. Allowances include travel allowances when on away duties, and vacation allowances as well as compensation for overtime hours.

Duties and responsibilities

Providing advice and recommendation to the corporate and hotel level management and leadership on matters relating to employees Resolving grievances raised by employees through aliasing with the management and leadership in the hotel Taking care of labor matters as well as advising the hotel management on union matters as well Taking care of leaves such as maternity and paternal Taking care of disciplinary and absenteeism of employee measures Also charged with educating of management level officials concerning human relations Other duties involving employees and management as well as connecting employees to the management

Required knowledge and skills

The successful candidate must be excellent in verbal and written communication skills, very proficient in computer applications to business, good leadership skills, and able to deal with people at different level and approachable.

Minimum Requirements

Bachelors degree in social and behavior sciences, commerce or business management in hotel industry, and psychology in industrial matters would be an added advantage Having a masters degree in any of the fields would be an advantage A minimum of five years experience in a busy environment working as a human resource or in a similar position

Submission of applications

All applications should be addressed to the HR Department through emailing at [email protected] or [email protected] . Hand delivered applications can be dropped directly at the reception desk of the hotel. Postage is not recommended due to time. All applications must reach the human resource before 12:00 noon on March 20, 2012.

Interview Rating Sheet

Applicant’s name:


Education requirements

Excellent ( )

Meet all requirements ( )

Meets some of the requirements ( )

Does not meet the requirements ( )

Comments by interviewer

Relevant experience

Excellent ( )

Meet all job requirement experience ( )

Meets some of the requirement experience ( )

Does not meet the requirement experience ( )

Comments by interviewer

Required knowledge and skills

Excellent ( )

Meet all requirements ( )

Meets some of the requirements ( )

Does not meet the requirements ( )

Comments by interviewer

Strengths of applicant

Weaknesses of applicant

Overall rating

Excellent ( )

Meet all requirements ( )

Meets some of the requirements ( )

Does not meet the requirements ( )

Comments by interviewer

Interviewer’s skills note

The interviewer must review the applicant’s cover letter as well as the resume to have a background to prepare. The interviewer should have questions prepares in advance with specific information to look for. Make sure all the questions are in accordance with the national rules and bias should be avoided. A recording method should be formulated to ensure uniformity of the records. In addition, the interviewer must be good in communication and judging skills through conversations.

Some of the skills that interviewers need to have will include being a good listener, which is the most basic skill required. The interviewer should listen more than he does considering he/she will be getting information from the interviewee. Interviewers must ask the right questions, and know how to ask in the right way that guarantees best response. In addition, the interviewer must be presentable and well organized prior to the interview. He /she must also be able to maintain eye contact with the interviewee during the interview. Simply, the interviewer must be very good in all communication skills, especially with listening skills.


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