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The continuing depreciation in the nation’s economy has brought in a tremendous concern in the employment sector. This has rendered many people unemployed, leaving our graduates scrabbling for the few available positions. One of the biggest challenges over the years has been seeking and identifying the available vacancies. With the aid of technology, job search has been simplified given that the jobs are available in the World Wide Web and job seekers can search jobs and submit their resumes according to their qualifications. The Human Resources managers work is also eased since they are able to post the various vacancies and sample applications made through it.

Jobs are usually categorized in accordance to nature or occupation, for instance in the counties of Butte, Tehama, Glenn and Yuba, such entries are found in the management jobs section:

Assistant manager needed in Sears with a bachelors degree in administration and two years experience A part time operations manager in Fed Ex with experience in similar position Assistant branch manager needed in Pacific Coast Supply, with a bachelors degree Business manager in Richfield Elementary with five years work experience. Administrative assistant Driscoll Strawberry Associates

Anyone who is willing to enhance and build his or her career should know how to write and submit a resume. First, they should write a detailed resume and cover letter, save it as either a word document or a web page. Secondly, they should access the databases of job seeking websites or blogs. Here, they should form personal accounts for where they can post their resumes and receive notifications when jobs matching their qualifications are found. Alternatively, they can browse for all available jobs to see if there is any suitable vacant and using information given by the job providers apply using e-mail.

A resume is an important aspect in the job search and the format used should be well thought out. There are two formats namely, the e-resume and the traditional resume. Traditional resumes are usually on a paper made from a word document while e-resumes are created on the web where they are accessible to various employers. The main difference between the two is that with e-resume, one is restricted on the use of design and fonts since they are not displayed in contrast to traditional resume. Consequently, it is wise to have both resumes ready because during selection process the employer refers from web-based resume while during interviewing, the traditional resume is vital.

Cover letter

I am a freshman student; at the California state University, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business, majoring in the human resource management, I would wish to apply for the assistant operations manager part time position in your prestigious firm.

I am a focused, result-oriented student with a vivacious personality and a keen eye to details. It would be of great honor to have the chance to work with your firm. I hope for your consideration and a chance to discuss my qualifications with you.

Thank you.




Phone Number:

Email Address:


California State University

Bachelors Degree in Human resource management


Internship at Chico Enterprise Records .as an assistant administrative manager


Assisting in day to day office running Assisting in policy formulations Maintaining files and documents Liaising with suppliers Preparation of payrolls


The dean of students



Telephone number


I'm Katy!

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