Jonathan DoveAlyssa Broyles7th hour I am writing about Jonathan Dove. Jonathan was born on July 18, 1959 in London,England.  He studied music at the University of Cambridge, under Robin Holloway, and afterwards worked as a freelance arranger and accompanist until 1987, when he was employed by Glyndebourne Opera.

His main job is Film Score Composer so yes composing is his main job.  He has done 16 chamber pieces, 49 choral, 15 vocal, 10 tv, 28 stage works, and 23 orchestra. One of the three pieces i picked to write about is Te Deum.  I picked this because the name of it sounded like it was gonna be in a different language .

That is was what i thought it was gonna be about and it made me think about church choir and worship and people just being happy and finding god in their life. It was made for STAB and the instruments in it was the organ. The overall tone of this was kinda interesting and hard to tell the tone but it seems in a way happy but also kinda slow and sad.   http://www.jonathandove.

com/works/choral/te-deum/ The second piece I picked is Antiphon and I picked this because i thought it sounded like a really cool name and i felt like it had a lot of emotion behind it . What made this stand out is that it did sound meaning full and also i didn’t understand the words 100%. This makes me think about like a song you sing to put a baby to bed it’s a nice soft song. It was meant for SSA and also SATB. This one does not have any instruments in it or at least doesn’t say there is any.

The tone to his song was nice and kinda relaxing sounding and not a fast song but not a super super slow one but i really liked this piece that he wrote . The last one is  For An Unknown Soldier and i picked this because i felt like it was a sad and was emotional and was meant for a really good cause. What made this sand out is the emotine like it kinda touches you with the story or meaning behind it .It makes me think about someone in danger and the people that have lost their life in war and just the fact that we don’t know all the people that have died to set us all free and that is a kinda sad thing but we still do thank them. It was meant for SATB and also said a equal voice chor. The instruments is  bass, drum, snare drum, a tam tam and a tubular bell.

The tone is sad and kinda upset but is a nice kinda slow tempo and also has some nice fast temp in there as well . They sing in english. He wrote this kinda off the first world war and how he wanted to tell the story of one man, a unknown soldier. He said he wanted to add in parts of a letter or even some things from a notebook. I felt like all the songs are emotional and touching in many ways. All three pieces are really different with one telling a story that really happened and one about god.

I thought this guy was actually really interesting and writes good music and i would love to sing For An Unknown Soldier if we could cuz it’s touching and i come from a family who has served in many branches of the military. They all mostly sing STAB and have a organ


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