Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Justin Bieber Fans With his success in music and popularity, Justin Bieber has amassed millions of fans around the world. Most girl fans are known to scream in ecstasy or cry whenever they watch a Justin Bieber video clip.

However, critics sometimes often site this as emotional pretence or exaggeration. Others state that Bieber’s fans should rather do something else useful than show waste their time supporting him. However, it is important to understand that people choose to do something with a reason in mind.

In this case, Justin Bieber has many followers probably because they are fascinated by his music, personality, or his fame. Nevertheless, being a Justin Bieber fan is a seemingly full time job. These fans have to keep up with Bieber’s busy lifestyle by checking the internet multiple times for current information on the next concert or location during their spare time. Being a popular celebrity in the 21st century has made someone like Bieber live a less private life.

Fans and the public have personal information such as residence or vacation site. Consequently, it is common to have fans or stalkers trying to seek an audience with someone like Bieber at the slightest chance. For Bieber’s fans, the most important thing is to be supportive and make him feel appreciated.

This way, he may feel encouraged to better his career. One fantasy for many of Bieber’s fans is to see him performing in a live concert. Most would consider this a touching moment since they consider it a chance of meeting him in person and may be get an autograph or a picture taken with him. Through the web, social sites, media, or word of mouth, there is always new buzzing gossip about Bieber’s next concert event.

His fans in this case are always in frenzy as they rush to spend colossal amounts on their money on tickets, or may even stay in line a whole to purchase a ticket. Others would be willing to go to any extent to make sure they get the best seats just to see the celebrity. An interview with one of his passionate fans allowed me to have an idea on what it means to support him. I began the interview asking the fan about one extreme experience she had gone through as a Bieber fan. She replied that at one time when she had to wait six hours, from 9pm to 3am, and woke up again at 7am to see him.

Being more curious, I asked, “What is your feeling about being his fan?” She replied, “I am proud of him, he is my inspiration, he taught us about everything is possible. We should believe in everything, we just believe it- Bieber.”. “ Do you have anything that symbolizes your support for Justin Bieber?” I asked.

In response, she said, “Yes! We all wear purple color for him, this is what we call Bieber purple.” I found it amazing how an individual can influence others in society I went on to ask her what fans do to know about Bieber’s whereabouts and what he is upto. She replied, “You can search Bieber Toronto hotel to find his current location. There are other fans uploading such information for the rest of us, even twitter has the news on him. Additionally, she told me that Justin Bieber mainly inspires her with his good will in what he does.

Indeed, Bieber is well known for course to give back to society and does so by helping needy people in society. He donates a lot of his wealth to charity and for growth and development for unfortunate children. At one time, he attended the Ellen TV show in an interview where he passed the message encouraging people to help those that are unfortunate. My interviewee stated that this served as a great inspiration to her. The role Justin Bieber fans play in his career cannot be taken for granted. As stated earlier, there are critics that believe his fans waste their time supporting him and should engage in other constructive things. However, contrary to this school of thought, Justin Bieber’s fans are the reason behind his success.

It is through the funds he receives from his fans that he is able to support the needy and encourage others in the society. From the role he plays, Bieber can be considered an ambassador to the youth with a worthy cause. Additionally, I was also able to gather that his fans are impressed by his effort and talent in music. Critics in particular may change their view on Bieber and his fans if they get to know him on another level. Every person has something to associate with professionally or socially. For millions in the world, theirs is supporting Justin Bieber. Many are known to go to great extents of achieving their dreams to get an audience with Justin Bieber.

Instead of being judgmental, critics should not persecute Justin Bieber’s fans since many other youths participate in other harmful social activities such as using drugs.


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