Karmina getting worried that it might rain the

Joan finally received her first ever published book, The Fall of Icarus. While
staring outside the window of the bus, she’s getting worried that it might rain
the following day. All
of a sudden, a blinding light shot down from the sky. When the mysterious light
hit the ground, its impact reverberated and waves of smoke quickly concealed
everything. When she felt likes she was about to die from too much pain, she
heard a man calling her and when she heard it, she felt a certain warmth around
her and didn’t feel pain anymore.

is suddenly in a place she doesn’t know. She can’t see anything other than
dark. She
heard again
the man’s voice calling her. It keeps
saying that she should wake up. She finds it weird when the gentle singsong
voice was change by a relatively furious voice. It was her mom. Karmina
suddenly saw a red string peeking on her mother’s finger. She can’t help to ask
her mother about it. Thinking that she was still drunk, her mother told her to
drink a cup of coffee to sober up.

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she has come across had strings tied around their left ring fingers.   Some of it tangled, others even glowed and
some of it turns to black at the end of the string. She’s thinking that maybe
she’s living in another world where these kinds of things are usually normal.
Strangely enough, she was the only person who didn’t have it. At the wedding,
something captured her attention. She followed the red string tied around her
cousin’s ring finger. She was expecting that it will be connected to the groom.
She was stunned when it connected to the best man’s instead. Then she saw an undeniably cute
guy wearing a fedora hat staring at her. He made a bowing gesture towards her.
He also smiled which shows his dimples and his perfect set of white teeth. When
she asked her cousin if she knew that guy, the guy disappeared like a ghost.

saw him again
leaning against the large doors of the reception hall. Strangely, nobody paid
him attention. He gestured her to come near him. At that point, she felt her
feet taking steps towards the guy. She attempted to stop herself from walking
but she couldn’t. When she had the control of her feet again she tried to run
away. In any case, there was a power that encompasses her, ceasing her to run.

guy introduced himself as Cupid, The Angel of Love. He looked like a young
cherub which is a popular depiction of Cupid but Mina still doesn’t believe the
strange guy. He decided to show her a proof to make Mina believed him. He put
his palms together and lifted it in front of his face. He muttered something
and then, tiny red sparks appeared. They were called amare, the purest, most concentrated form of love. Cupid said that
it’s the substance that ignites the senses, the thing that triggers the five
stages of connection. Humans know this as a spark.

showing the ‘proof’, Cupid gave
her a mysterious vessel. Cupid told Mina that it was for her mission. She needs
to matchmake five pairs of people. He also told her that she shouldn’t refuse
it otherwise there will be consequences. Karmina agreed for she fears the
consequences. Cupid put the jar between them and closed his eyes. He muttered
something in a different dialect that Mina couldn’t understand. After a few
moments, he was able to produce a golden ribbon that floated mid-air. Karmina
saw faces inside her head; some were familiar while some are complete

didn’t show up after Karmina signed the “contract”. Cupid also mentioned that
there was a rule: no physical contact. Karmina tried to touch him but Cupid
immediately stop her. She realized that Cupid was saying the truth and he was
not playing games either. Mina can’t help but asked why she
can’t see red strings tied around her finger. Cupid additionally explained that
Mina won’t have it while the contract is in effect. He told her that she have a
year to finish the mission. If she didn’t finish in time, she’ll be miserable

explained that th process won’t start if Mina doesn’t give the prospects a dose
of amare. He said that she have to
pray to God so he can grant her the power to make it. He told her to close her
eyes, concentrate and say what’s in her heart. However, she heard a different
language coming to her mouth. She listened to herself again and she was indeed
speaking in tongues. When she opened her eyes she saw a pink liquid thing
floating in her hand. It was an amare.
Unfortunately, a small one. But Cupid let it pass since it was her first try.

next day, she looked at her brother’s red string and also at her parent’s red
strings.  But what confused her was that
Kyle and her Ate Gizelle had the same string and yet they weren’t married nor
together. After breakfast, she told Cupid about her understanding of the stages
of connection. She got most of them right except for one. It turned out that
commitment did not necessarily mean marriage. Cupid said that it may sound
simple but it’s hard to commit your heart to someone. Karmina asked a lot of
questions to Cupid. She learned that Cupid wasn’t his real name. Mina also
asked Cupid if angels fall in love. Cupid looked at her for moment, thinking
whether he should answer her question or not. In the end, he answered that they don’t.

they were walking home, they saw Kyle hanging out at Lolo Mario’s bakery. The
street kid (whom Kyle gave his snack) bumped into an old lady. Lolo M helped
the old lady whose name is Geneva. It is revealed that the two has a history.
Karmina asked Cupid if he has the power to return to the past. Cupid told her
that he can’t but later on he showed her a memory. Sixty years ago, Cupid was
aiming for Lolo Mario who looked like he was just a teen at the time. He
planned to shoot Mario and Gen with his arrow, but he miscalculated. Instead he
hit a different person. Laura, Geneva’s friend, was right in front of Geneva.
When Mario looked up, he saw the two girls in front of him. So, the young Mario
the two women. His heart couldn’t decide who he should love. When Mario was
about to eloped with Gen, they were stopped by a man holding a gun and two tanods. They found out that Laura is
pregnant with Mario’s child. So, Mario and Laura get married. Geneva, on the
other hand, married the young tanod
who escorted her home. The scene changed and it shows Mario, a
little older now, walked out a church with his son with Laura. And then
suddenly, Gen reappeared. She was with her child, a daughter. Their string
connected and glowed, and they automatically found each other. When Karmina
asked Cupid what happened after, she discovered him lying on the floor. Cupid’s
body glowed red like all the amare
inside him were trying to come out. She couldn’t help herself to touch him.
When the tip of her finger touched his skin, his body exploded into a million
of tiny red flickers. And then, they were gone, leaving his fedora hat behind.

next thing she knew, there was a man standing before her. The guy
introduces himself as Rafael, Cupid’s guardian. He told Karmina that Cupid will
come back as soon as he has healed. Mina has to make it on her own until Cupid
comes back. The
next day, she returned to the city together with Je and her Kuya Sic. She
noticed that Rafael keeps on watching her. As soon as they arrived at the
terminal, they decided to hail a cab. However, a woman abruptly opened the door
and sat inside. She finds the woman’s voice familiar. Mina realized that the
woman was a prospect. 

didn’t like Rafael for he is a little too ill-tempered. He was hard to
approach, and he himself never initiated a conversation. Her
mission has no progress because she didn’t know where to start. She also
discovered that Silvia, the creative director of their magazine, was also a
prospect. During her break time with her co-workers, they were approached by a
guy from Human Resource Department. He introduced himself as Zac, who reminded
Mina of Cupid by his curly hair and cute dimples. He was with another guy,
Carlo. Carlo would be mistaken as a model rather than a photographer and an
illustrator from his good looks. She was not surprised that Carlo and Silvia’s
strings are connected. Karmina is certain that Zac is Cupid.

when she saw Zac the second time he was no longer Cupid. But she kept the hope
alive of seeing Cupid again. Cupid appears again after and tried to explain why
he fainted. He also said that Rafael doesn’t trust Cupid for he acts more like
a human than an angel. It is also revealed that Cupid is way older than Rafael.
Cupid didn’t need a guardian when he was younger. But he became too involved
with humans and he made a grave mistake. He confessed that he did fell inlove. He began neglecting his
job. He found himself obsessing over that girl. Cupid was supposed to match the
girl with her soulmate but he didn’t trigger their connection, knowing that he
would lose her if he did. On the girl’s 24th birthday, Cupid gave
her a special string and tied it around her finger. God got mad at him for
doing that. He even ordered Cupid’s former guardian, to end the
girl’s life. It
iss why Rafael is always by his tail so he won’t
commit another mistake.

met the woman from the cab accident once again at the convenience store. Her
name is Kah. She told that a guy named Chris confessed his feelings to her. The
problem is Ei, her bestfriend, also likes the guy. After having a dinner with
both of them, Ei and Chris clicked right away. Kah keeps telling Chris to take
Ei out on a date but Chris confessed that Kah is the one he likes. Then,
Karmina saw a guy through the glass window. She saw that his string is
connected with Kah’s. Karmina made a mental note to meet again with Kah to ask
about developments.

and Silvia never get along. They always keep fighting over petty things. While
spending their break time by the bonfire, she practiced making her amare. She did it right eventhough she
was a bit drunk. Carlo started walking towards her. He wasn’t drawn to the orb
instead she was drawn to Mina. Karmina hurriedly pushed the amare into Carlo’s chest as he leaned
down to kiss her. The
next morning, when Carlo opened his eyes Silvia is the first person he saw. The
amare that Mina made was in effect.
She tried to make a coffee for Silvia and she decided to put the amare on Silvia’s cup. This one is paler
than the amare she made for Carlo.
Thankfully, Cupid helped Mina to make the amare
redder. Karmina watched in amusement when Silvia drank her coffee. Silvia’s
eyes and Carlos’ eyes met. Karmina succeeded to make them reach the first stage
of connection; awareness.

two were still quarrelling but not that frequently. However, Carlo
started to avoid Silvia after hearing that Silvia doesn’t want to be near him.
Silvia felt guilty but refused to apologize. So, Karmina and her co-worker,
Cai, make a secret operation for the two. They secretly give snacks to them and
telling them that they (Carlo/ Silvia) are really sorry for what happened. The
operation continues without the two knowing what is happening.

taught Mina how to shoot a bow. He instructed the right stance and how to aim
straight. She aimed the arrow at the door. As soon as she released it, the door
suddenly opened and the arrow hit Je and she fell from the impact and lost

is revealed that the fedora hat Cupid is always wearing is given by that girl. He’s been wearing it since it
was a memory of her. Karmina realized that Cupid must have loved her that much.
She can’t help but to feel something different whenever she was with Cupid. She
tried to ignore the feeling away for she is afraid what will happen if it
continues. Karmina stopped in front of an otaku shop she saw her prospects. She
tried to catch her prospect but she failed. When she got home, her Kuya Sic
told her that Je keeps on clinging to him like a leech. Mina advice Je not to
be so obvious about her feelings for her Kuya is not used to it. Karmina found
something warm in her pocket. It was the jar that Cupid gave her for her
mission. There were two tiny hearts floating with the name “Kah” and “Chris”.
The hearts merged into one and turned to gold. There was a name written,
Enochian. Karmina succeeded to match her first pair. At the cosplay convention
Mina, Sic and Je attended, Mina saw her two prospects whom she saw before in
the otaku shop. She tried to conjure an
amare fast. She thought about Cupid and everything that she secretly
feeling for the past few days. The amare
glowed brightly. However, Cupid ordered Mina to get out. The crowd look at her.
Just like what Mina says, they were like zombies craving for her flesh. When
the amare disappeared, the crowed
come back to their senses. Cupid asked Mina what she prayed about. Karmina is
left confused why the amare was
suddenly that strong and why is she feeling that way.

invites Silvia, Cai and Carlo to went with her to the province. Carlo and
Silvia were still unaware of their “snacks benefactor”. Je and Sic also came
home with them. Since Mina hit her with the
amare, she became a little girly. Sadly, her efforts still didn’t have an
effect on Sic. Mina learned that Lolo Mario had been sick for days. She
realized that doesn’t have much time. She needs Lolo M and Lola Gen to commit
or else she would fail her mission. Karmina together with the others prepared a
date for the two elderly lovers. They watched them from a distance. Another
gold heart had materialized inside the jar. Lolo M and Lola Gen died that day.
They carried the sadness until they got home.

saw her old crush, Peter. Cupid seems jealous and left as Mina conversed with
Peter. She saw Cupid with someone. The woman absolutely looked like Miranda
Kerr. The woman who really looked like Miranda Kerr was clinging to Cupid the
whole time. Mina can’t stop herself from being pissed. The woman introduced
herself as Psyche. She said that she did Cupid a favor. Then she took out a
gold ribbon disappeared after.Cupid offered Mina to dance. She placed her hand
on his and the gold ribbon lifted and wrapped around her hand it bound their
hands together, but their skins weren’t touching. They were so close but
Karmina knew that the feelings were wrong. Mina stayed away from Cupid at all
costs. She keeps ignoring him after that day.

Rafael gives Mina
a warning. She must not get too close to him or else they’re both going to get
hurt. She tried to call out Cupid. Karmina asked him the reason why Cupid loves
her. Mina admitted that she doesn’t
know what she is feeling. She had an idea but she tried to stop what she feels.
She told Cupid to be with her and just search for her. Cupid confessed that he already
found her. He told her to look at her hand. She froze when she saw a golden
string attached to her finger.

and Cai tried their best as a matchmaker. They set them up a date without
knowing that they will meet. Carlo knows that he’ll be meeting with Mina and
Cai, same with Sylivia. They succeed in their plan. She noticed some changes
between the two the day after. Karmina was able to make an excellent amare. She tried to hit her Kuya Sic
with it.  After hit by the amare, she noticed some changes with
him. Je’s efforts were now being reciprocated Iittle by little. Silvia and
Carlo, on the other hand, were still discovering things about each other. Her
only problem was the string of the two cosplayers from the convention. She saw
again that girl (her prospect) in a toy store. But when she saw her string…
it was dull. So she gave her again an amare.
However, when she went out of the store she felt an uneasy feeling. She caught
Rafael looking intently at her.

finally noticed later on that her prospect also have an identical twin. Karmina
realized that she hit them both. She’s hoping that it won’t be another
Gen-Mario-Laura situation. Midori is the girl Mina shoots an arrow in the toy
store while Hikaru is the one in the convention. Karmina also learned that the
guy’s name was Arthur Ong. Cupid said that Psyche could help her for she can cut
unwanted connections.

and Karmina hadn’t really “levelled up”. One night, she heard Cupid and Rafael
arguing. Rafael said that Cupid needs to let her go. She also heard Rafael
saying that she belongs to someone and she is not Cupid’s to keep. She never
told Cupid about what she heard. Silvia and Carlo became official during their
Halloween office party. Karmina almost screamed when she saw three golden
hearts inside her jar.

is hanging out at the terrace while Cupid still keeping his distance. They
discussed things about them. Cupid began walking towards her. He placed his
hand on the wall, just beside Mina’s face. He asked Mina for one kiss. Mina
tried to protest. She felt the tip of his fingers on her chin, lifting her
face. She closed her eyes as she felt his lips against hers. The moment their
lips touched and unknown force exploded between them. It was too strong that
Mina blacked out. Rafael told Karmina that Cupid is badly wounded. He said that
Cupid took most of the blow so that she could be spared.

year has passed from when they first met. Arthur and Hikaru already passed the
five stages.
Karmina can’t stop herself from missing him. She then saw
Cupid in the distance walking towards her. Cupid reached out and caught her
face. God gave him a chance since it was the last night. Cupid asked Mina to
promise him that no matter whom she meet ad fall for, she’ll always remember
that he loved her first. Cupid removed the cork and the hearts glowed. Cupid
said that someday it will all make sense and she’ll realize the reason why they
didn’t end up together. He asked Mina not to forget him.

got awake already. Her mother was crying and her father and brother were
teary-eyed. Her parents told her that she had been in a coma for a year. They
said that she was on a bus on the way home but there was an accident. Karmina
miraculously survived the crash.

years passed, Karmina narrate what happened. Because of the accident, her
cousin Gizelle, who was supposed to get married, decided not to marry Sam.
remembered everything and thought if it as a dream. So she
decided to write it all down to get it out of her head. Two years after the
accident, her second book, Remembering Cupid was published. She was on her
first book signing after the accident. During the book signing, she heard
people scream from the back of the line. She takes a good look at what everyone
was screaming about. It wasn’t a what, but a who. He was wearing a fedora hat
over his curly hair. As the guy approached, something odd happened. She saw a
red string float from his left ring finger toward her left ring finger. Their
strings met and glowed. She learned that the guy’s name was Eros. When she was about to leave the venue,
her agent called her for she left something. It was a tiny jar. Her name was
engraved onto the glass and inside was a golden heart. But unlike in her book,
the name written wasn’t Enochian. It was Cupid.

didn’t want leave yet but he had somewhere else to be. We learned that the tiny
jar was from him. He stopped to check the message Karmina written on the books.
When he
looked inside the second book, Remembering Cupid. Inside the book were just
four words. He smiled when he read them.


To Cupid, I remember.