Kids/Teens are unaware of what risks come with over the counter medicationMost teens speculate that over the counter medications are safe to abuse because they are “good for you”They begin to abuse the drug for a feeling of risk and adventure (NewPort Academy)A survey consisting of 12 million Americans, concluded that all of them tried painkillers for non medical reasons at least once in their life (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)When painkillers are used they enter the bloodstream to release large amounts of dopamineAs time goes on, it becomes harder and harder for them to feel a rush, so they begin to take higher amounts of the product (NewPort Academy)Teens are then struck with depression because they cant produce their own dopamine (Leads into mental health)Over the counter medication abuse can lead to bleeding issues and damge to the liver or kidney (New York Times)Brain diseases and bigger potential issuesIn today’s society, people misinterperet the term “substance abuse” as a social issue, and people who make these choices, are considered feeble (Web MD)Others fail to understand that you cannot simply quit abusing substanced as it is a convoluted behavior of the brain (Web MD)Ending drug abuse is not a choice you can just make one day, it’s a long proccess The initial choice to try a drug, is made by the person themself, but after repeated exposure, it’s almost as if the brain is hardwired to crave that substace, just like it’s hardwired to crave food when you’re hungry, or need sleep when you’re tired (Web MD)There are many different factors that come into play when judging weather or not someone will become addicted to drugs (age, community, biology)Focusing on community:A person can become addicted depending on how much attention their family pays to them, their socioeconomic status/quality of life, can effect weather a person will feel the need to turn to drugs to cope with bigger issues (Web MD)Some diseases that can be caused by drug abuse includeCancerHIV/AIDSHepatitis B and CLung diseaseMental health disorders (leads into next subtopic)Not only is it harmful to yourself, but also to othersPolice connected pot to approximatley 17% of all fatal car accidents in the US (CNN Money)In 2012 it was noted that over 10 million americans, 12 and older, drove once while under the influce of drugs (Foundations Recovery Network)Driving while unde the influces of drugs can lead toAttention lossLoss of balanceVision impairmentSome drugs such as cocaine can lead to short term memory and increased amounts of anxiety (Foundations Recovery Network)Miami Marlins pithcer Jose Fernandez had traces of cocaine in his body after his fatal boat crash with him and 2 of his friends (CNN)Sources belive that the influence of drugs caused this fatal crashThis poses a threat to others as people with impared states of mind, roam the road and can cause fatal collisions with padestrians or other driversPeople belive that these drivers should be given the worsts of punishments, but sometimes doctors and councelers can help break the addiction to the substance and help prevent accidents like this from happening; the best solution is prevention (Web MD)The more we teach young students and teens about the dangers of substance abuse, the more educated they will be come and be able to make better life choices when it comes to substance abuse


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