Kyle Bryant

Kyle Bryant


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Kyle Bryant

From: Myles Bryant

February 5, 2013.

To: Head Coach for Basketball,

Louisburg Junior College,

North Carolina.

Dear Sir.


I am writing this letter after a review of all the programs offered in your college. I have also reviewed all the extra curriculum activities offered by the institution as well as the facilities, reputation of the school, staff and the learning environment. My son is in the final year of high school and I would like him to pursue his career in your college. Moreover, I would like him to continue playing basketball, which is his passion. He is good in it and has a strong passion for it. With a good coach, basketball can become his motivator and inspiration in life as well as a career apart from just playing it. Therefore, having a good coach that can offer guidance and direction would be very useful in his life.

During my review of your college, I have realized the college has very good programs to offer my son Kyle Bryant. I have realized that Louisburg Junior College is one of the best colleges with a serene environment for learning that guarantees students a good experience in their endeavors. With the student life program that offers to provide students with a good overall experience through opportunities to spiritual enrichment, physical, personal and social programs, I know that my son will be in the right place to pursue his career of choice. Additionally, the facilities within the school are good enough to offer the best to my son. With the kind of student life and facilities available at Louisburg Junior College, my son will be in the best position to study and pursue his athlete abilities.

After going through your biography, I have realized that you are the best person to give my son guidance and direction as well as morale to pursue his dreams. One of your qualities that I caught my attention was your devotion to ensure discipline within the team and inspiring the students through guidance. I also realized that some of the students you have trained are quite competent and highly skilled at the game as well as morally upright. This would have a positive impact on my son considering his strong love for basketball. To him, you would be an inspiration the same way his high school coach has been. With his passion and devotion to the basketball game, I believe that finding a coach such as you will inspire him to work even harder and stay on course for other areas of schoolwork.

My son is very active physically and plays in the school basketball team. He is 6’1” 159lbs and plays one guard and two guard in his team. Playing basketball ensures to keep him physically fit and relaxed to face academic challenges. I also realized that it keeps him busy and active instead of remaining idle, which is quite a good way to avoid stress as well as engaging in bad behavior. Additionally, playing has helped in developing his brain considering he has been playing since he was a young child. Throughout his high school, he has been very active and always enthusiastic within his team. Playing basketball has had a very positive impact towards life in general and academics as well.

With his current skills, I believe he will be an asset to your basketball team. He has been training and still trains and plays in his high school basketball team. He is among the best players that have won many games for their school. He plays with stamina and is good with long shots. His attitude towards the game as well as to teamwork is quite good. He is able to coordinate with the team quite well. His social skills enable him to work with people. This makes him a valuable asset in the basketball team. Being in the basketball team would be very important for him because he seeks to continue playing basketball to a professional level. This has been a dream for him, and my role is to help and encourage him to be all he wants to be or become. I have always supported him and there is no time he has really disappointed me. Enrolling in your team would mean a lot to him. It is my sincere hope that you will consider enrolling him in the college basketball team once he secures admission.

Yours truly,

Myles Bryant.