LReligion and politics “I never considered a different opinion in politics  , in religion , in philosophy , as a cause to withdrawing from a friend “~ Thomas Jefferson Religion and politics have been are round from the start of human kind  and have a very complex relationship that is see throughout human history from the First World War where  the United Kingdom used the quote “god save the king “on their recruitment posters  the quote god save the king is said to come from the Old Testament  it is said to mean the queen or king is asking the Almighty god to save them from trouble and hurt . Another point in history where we see people use god was used in politics was in 2013 where a few politicians use god for a reason not to vote yes in the equal marriage debate because in the bible it clearly states “lying with a man as with a woman is an abomination” (Leviticus 18: 22- 24 and Leviticus 20: 13) which shows that man should only lying with a woman however this command may be about the issues of unfaithfulness , immortality and idol worship The option for why should religion and politics mix is because religion is an important part of most people life’s. As  it teaches them how to life their life’s and their families and to make big choices during their life. politics also  affect that to because it can decide if u can get married or become a citizen in a different country that could make your life better or worse  because it could give you more opportunity for you and your family or you and your friends.  politics and religion also have many things in common in the average person life as it helps and shows the way you should live, the way you should know bad decisions from good decisions, how you should treat people, how you should follow the rules to be a good citizen or a better person in life.Many people do believe that if religion and politics were combined together that  life would be easier for the average everyday person because they wouldn’t have to go against their religion in the sake of politics in their life because it could affect their lives in many ways which may mean not going or archiving their religions goals in life or after life.

However The option to for Religions and Politics to be separated as much as the can be   from each other is quite compelling as not everyone everyone has a religion or shares a religion party’s  and laws based on one religion won’t really have the same affects on a person who doesn’t follow or have a religion than on a person who do have a religion and this might have a lot of problems because the person who doesn’t have or follow a religion may not have to follow the law because It wouldn’t apply to them .another  reason why religion and politics shouldn’t be combined is because many people in a religion have different views as the people who don’t have a religion this may cause problems because someone may try and past a law that offends the people with religion or the people without a religion such as “Everyone should follow blank religion because of blank ” this may offend people with and without a religion because the some people who have a religion may follow a completely different religion and to force them to join an other may cause political and religionists problems .  My own opinion on religion and politics should not mix because the Government and Religions are ‘Earth’ and ‘sky’ Religion and Government have two different purpose, two different origins, two different studies, two different meanings ,even the way to carry those out are differentThe purpose of religion is to educate people the rights from wrong  to build someone’s strength physiologically, strong will, and reflection to people that believe in religion While Government gives everyone laws and order to follow and live by and  protect everyone in that government via Police or  Firemen , and all government service organisations.It’s the operations they use .Religion is exist since the beginning of earth and birth of first philosophies. These philosophies and religion constantly changing and end up be an ideology of group of people also give crude estimation of something someone just saw so it can be described.

However, despite the usefulness and give someone’s strength mentally, religions are becoming more old fashioned in this day and age  and not any use for more progressive open-minded and tolerant societies. While governments application is the application of all sides such as historical sources and science while religion as ‘a child that lead everyone with everyone lead the child’. Religion is good or bad depending of who ‘use’ the religion, while government depends on who operate and live in it.Based on this I think religion shouldn’t mix with politics both mixed means fiasco in government and result in loss of countries and their support for the government which many cause a war which means lose of life and hatred directed to word the persons or people who started it the war and unlikely that the people  in the country would ever support the the government or religion again leaving them by themselves.


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