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This can include rethinking the role of the adjudicator in hope of administrative justice.  It is brought forward in the above two cases, 7 that active adjudication is an important tool to promote both fairness and efficiency in administrative justice.  In a number of Courts, the adjudicative model has begun to shift from a more traditional, passive approach to one in which decision-makers more actively adjudicate cases and direct the course of the proceedings.  As seen in Childrens Court, it was obvious to all that the SRL was oblivious to the court proceedings and how and what was required off her. This case was towards the final stage of the matter.  It was supposed to run through a 5-day contested hearing, which to the surprise of all parties, Magistrate Zelmk propelled the case to a final conciliation.  This was in favor […]

While not be read into any more than

While using the literal rule, words from the statue are read in just the way they are presented and in a ‘literal’ sense (hence the name) and therefore will not be read into any more than the face value will have you believed. So they will not be misconstrued into any other meanings. One Example of The Literal Rule was the Fisher v Bell case (1960). Under the offensive weapons act of 1959, it is an offense to offer certain offensive weapons for sale. Bristol shopkeeper, James Bell displayed a flick knife in his shop window. When brought to trial […]

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In order to constitute fraud, there are some elements necessary to be proved. In Malaysia, there are 5 acts which may constitute fraud.1These acts must be made with intent to deceive or to induce one to enter into contract and S.17of CA will not apply if fail to prove the elements.2 Similar with UK and Washington, Malaysia would also covers fraudulent misrepresentation (known as intentional misrepresentation in Washington) under S.17(a)-(c).However, fraudulent misrepresentation in Malaysia is more detailed than UK and Washington as CA has listed down the acts constitute fraud. First, suggestion of untrue fact.3 In Malaysia, the elements to […]

Civil go over the definition of enforcing a

Civil Litigation and Federal Courts In this assignment, we will look at five areas involving civil litigation and Federal Courts. We will define jurisdiction, and look at when a private dispute can be decided in Federal Court. We will go over the result of a Motion to Dismiss if the moving party is successful. We will then go over the definition of enforcing a judgment and discuss how alternative dispute resolution (ADR) compares to Civil Litigation. Define Jurisdiction Jurisdiction in our legal system is the power of our courts to try cases and rule on legal matters within the courts […]

My use of critically reflecting on the nature

My childhood unleashed a desire to know why people committed crimes, and what drove them to the insane point where they shattered. This soon flourished my interest in Criminology and Criminal Justice and this keeps the world functioning, the study of crimes and why people commit them is a desire that has made me want to gain a better understanding of not only the drivers behind criminal activities but also of the workings of society which lead to the criminalisation of these activities. Individuals should know about the law and the outcomes for those aching to break it, I think […]

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I know it is bad to want someone else’s man but I do. I see my brother in law and I can not help but run into my bedroom and play with myself. He makes me so hot and bothered. Sometimes I even get mad at my sister because of the way that she treats him. When you have a man that works hard for you every day and has such a big cock. How can you talk to him like he is nothing and not want him in all of your holes every day! He is so faithful to […]

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Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ (1831) is a novel that explores the life of a young scientist and the effects of science, watching him create a living being in a scientific experiment. The theme of science is central to this novel as we watch the drastic consequences that follow misusing it. Shelley uses the misuse of science as blasphemous, acting against the word of God and trying to play him, also, it is used to warn the reader of the need for women and is used to question the standards of the time, through using the misuse of science to lead the […]

Explain Kant's Moral Argument

Explain Kant’s Moral Argument Kant’s moral argument focuses on reason, good will, duty and the notion that we ought to strive towards moral perfection (Summum Bonum). He believes that people are ruled by a ‘moral law’. This moral law for Kant was universal and objective. An example of this might be seen in the wide scale agreement that murder or torture is wrong. There seems to be agreement across cultures that certain actions are intrinsically wrong. This, for Kant, suggests that there is a universal objective moral law. He believed that the highest form of goodness was the notion of […]

Case Brief

Case Brief This case involves Gurmej Singh Dhillon who is the appellant (Plaintiff) and Jalal. A. Jaffer, who is the respondent (Defendant). The case was presented before the Honorable Mr. Justice Donald, Honorable Madam Justice. D. Smith and Honorable Mr. Justice Hinkson. The counsel for the appellant was P. E. Jaffer and the counsel for the respondent was A. A. Macdonald. Hearings were conducted in Vancouver British Columbia on March 12 and 13 2012. Judgment was delivered on April 11 2012 at Vancouver, British Colombia. The case was an appeal from the discharge of action against the defendant for the […]

Applying HM&M to Do the Right Thing

Applying HM&M to Do the Right Thing Name Course Date Applying HM&M to Do the Right Thing Introduction Marxists essentially view that deviance and crime are defined by the ruling class and a source of social control. When people do not conform to the system of the ruling class they are punished. The bourgeoisie therefore establish institutions like the justice system, prisons, schools and police to encourage people to conform to the status quo. These institutions therefore concentrate on the crimes of the poor rather than those committed by the ruling class such as racism, inequality and imperialism. “Do the […]

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