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Civil Litigation and Federal Courts In this assignment, we will look at five areas involving civil litigation and Federal Courts. We will define jurisdiction, and look at when a private dispute can be decided in Federal Court. We will go over the result of a Motion to Dismiss if the moving party is successful. We will then go over the definition of enforcing a judgment and discuss how alternative dispute resolution (ADR) compares to Civil Litigation. Define Jurisdiction Jurisdiction in our legal system is the power of our courts to try cases and rule on legal matters within the courts […]

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While it is true that the mental defences of Insanity and Automatism are similar it is crucial to take note that it should still be kept apart due to its distinct differences. Insanity is often referred to as Insane Automatism and is concerned with the internal factors whereas Non-Insane Automatism is typically concerned with external factors. Automatism is a defence which can only be raised by the defendant, however Insanity can be raised by the defence or the prosecution. This critical essay will aim to delineate the differences between both the mental defences of Insanity and Automatism through the use […]

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This essay will highlight the understanding and the various types of false confessions while evaluating the remedies available to prohibit false confessions. In criminal law, confessional evidence is exceedingly important regardless of when it occurs during the legal procedures, as a statement of confession provides the utmost incriminating form of evidence and drastically induces the rates of conviction. As mentioned by McCormick, “the introduction of a confession makes the other aspects of a trial in court superfluous”1 and it could potentially be the deciding matter between a victims freedom and the death penalty. However, it is fascinating why anyone would […]

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Jurisdiction is the power of a court to decide on a dispute. Jurisdiction can be classified into four different subcomponents: geographical, subject matter, personal, and hierarchical jurisdiction. Geographical jurisdiction is when courts are authorized to hear and decide disputes arising within a specified territory. A court having geographical jurisdiction in a specific location is known as a venue. In state courts, venue can only be transported to another county and/ or district within that certain state, the courts in this specific state has the geographical jurisdiction of violating the criminal law. People who gets arrested for committing a crime in […]

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We generally blame people more for deliberately doing things rather than for negligently or recklessly doing something. Mens rea in criminal law is concerned with the state of mind of an individual, which most crimes need proof of. When unnecessary to have, it is known as a strict liability. Intention is the most dominant, it generally asks for the highest degree of fault from the rest, as only intention will suffice for murder or grievous bodily harm. The actus reus of murder is an act of unlawful killing of an individual, however the mens rea for murder is intention. Intention […]

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