Leadership determined if gender, age, experience and type


article I have chosen focused on managers in the primary healthcare setting.
The intent of this study were to describe
and obtain information about the self-perception of conduct and leadership
styles among primary health care managers. The questionnaire also helped the
managers determine their own style of leadership and the negative and positive
influence it has had on teamwork and job satisfaction while also helping the
research team to get the results needed for this study to be successful. The
surveys determined whether their styles were transformational, transactional,
corrective avoidance (laissez-faire and passive management). The survey also
determined if gender, age, experience and type of organization had any effects
on leadership and it found that a small portion of female management considered
themselves to be a part of the laissaez-faire form of leadership.

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     I personally do not support this form of
leadership simply because the lack of structure that is needed for any
organization. In laissaez-fair leadership, there is very little control and
direction of the job and its employees. Criticism is needed for better
outcomes. I feel this form of leadership would only work well if there is
teamwork present and feedback is given.

     In this article I found that it left out
the opinions of the staff which I believe would have been an important factor
in knowing if the leadership of each manager was effective or ineffective or if
they enjoyed their work environment. Transformational leadership
characteristics has shown to have more success in work groups because the
leaders will teach and coach and are willing to receive feedback to better any
situation ( pg. 298 Cherry & Jacob). Leadership affects morale and attitudes
of the employee which will have an effect on customer service and patient
satisfaction. Those managers of the primary health care setting that lean more
towards the laissaez-faire leadership style have greater chances of employees
being inefficient and poor patient satisfaction with services received.