Leave not necessarily guarantee an error free process.

Leave management plays an integral role in HR
policies that often takes up a significant portion of the HR team’s time. These
employees have to make sure that they comply with all the leave policies,
guarantee the availability of sufficient staff at all times. While at the same
time they and also need to make sure that employee satisfaction levels are


Thus many companies have begun to consider
professional outsourcing services, such as to help with the complicated process
of leave management within the organisation. These service providers are known
to use systems with advanced mathematical computing power that enable them to
efficiently manage all timekeeping and accrual calculations. In case of Paid
Time Off policies, the tracking system can make it easy for both the employee
and the manager or HR (whichever is applicable) to submit, approve, and track
the paid leave time in a more efficient manner.

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At times, companies may consider installing
these systems in-house which can be a problem as they are mostly complex and
need to be managed manually. Thus such leave programs can become costly and not
necessarily guarantee an error free process. Therefore, either consider
automating or outsourcing leave management process can prove to be a
turnkey solution.


In case of automated systems, the system can
automatically monitor employee leave requests and evaluate each request against
the employee leave balances. It can also track all outstanding, approved and
unapproved employee leave requests and provide comprehensive reports to the
managers if any previous records are required. At the same time even employees
can get access to self-service portals. These portals can help them request leaves
and access leave benefits. Their line managers or HR managers can view and
approve leave requests in real time based on the company policy.


Advantages of Leave Management
for the Organization


Cost reduction

By automating the process of employee leave calculations,
companies can eliminate errors and ensures that even the most complex leave
rules are implemented with precision and ease. The system can also provide a
complete view of workforce utilization which can help managers schedule
resource requirement more effectively and adjust staffing levels as conditions

Efficient tracking of leaves:

It is highly recommended that companies take care while tracking employee. It
is better to monitor the amount of paid leave, sick leaves employees avail as
well as the holiday patterns within the organization. The possibility of manual
errors is entirely removed due to automation of leave management making it
easier for analytics for business processes to be accurately studied. These
reports can be used to map employee performance and diligence throughout the


Improves productivity:


By taking automated approach to leave
management, employees who previously managed the process are freed up to take
on more important responsibilities. These activities subsequently then help
provide more data and context to the management and enables them to take better
decisions and improve productivity within the organisation.


Increase morale of employees:

Efficient leave management helps to improve
employee morale and engagement as there is increased transparency and
manager-employee communication throughout the organisation.


Reduce paperwork:

Automation helps in streamlining leave
processes and eliminates the need to manage all data on paper. Everything is
available in one place which helps managers take quicker decisions. In addition
it helps keep the office environment clean.