Leila most recognized diaries seen. Though with that

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English 10

January 17, 2018




            The Holocaust is a part of history that is
tragic. Though the Holocaust gave us this event of over 500,000 innocent people
killed, the matter also showed us to change. Throughout the years past the
doleful juncture, many were able to find items of the past, and prized
possessions.  One item in particular ties
to a young girl, who was very gratifying in literature. After the Holocaust,
Anne Frank’s diary was found by her father, at the time of writing her day by
day happenings, she did not know that today it would be one of the most
recognized diaries seen. Though with that diary we were able to know the real
truth and blight of  the Holocaust.


            Before the Holocaust, Anne Frank was just a
kid. She was perky, and joyful.

Not only was Anne Frank a happy gal, she had also had a
cheerful family. Besides her in the household, she had a wonderful parents, of
the names of  Otto Frank, and Edith
Frank. Besides a happily married mother and father, she had a older sister by
the name of  Margot, she was three years
older than Anne. The family even had a cat, 
Moortje.  Besides the family life
Anne was educated at South Montessori school in Amsterdam. ( Biography.com,
Anne Frank Diary) Overall Anne was living a exceptional life before the
Holocaust had started. 


            The home life was excellent. Especially one
year for her birthday. On the twelfth of June, in 1942, Otto and Edith Frank
had given their daughter a diary for her thirteenth birthday.  The diary was a graceful shade of red, with a
checkered pattern.(Biography.com, Anne Frank Biography)  Later on this diary would be exposed to
everyone who wants to see it. Anne had a name as well, calling the diary Kitty.
( Silke Ballweg, Anne Frank: The Face of The Holocaust) The first entry she
recorded on the paper, was “I hope I will be able to confide everything to you,
as I have never able to confide in anyone, and I hope you will be a great
source of comfort and support.” (Biography.com, Anne Frank Biography)  Her diary also started to pervade with quotes
from her favorite authors, and original stories. (Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl)


            Though when World War Two had started, the
Franks, actually tried to emigrate and leave the Netherlands and go to Great
Britain, in 1934. Then in in 1938, tried to go to the United States, but that
intention did not work either. ( Anne Frank House, Preperation for a Hiding
Place) So finally when the Franks were to go into hiding, the Franks had hid up
in  Mr. Frank’s office. The place of
hiding was then called the Secret Annex. (Biography.com, Anne Frank Biography)
Over the next two years this was the Franks’ lifestyle. During their time in
hiding the Franks were able to get food by 
the help of Otto Frank’s four employees. The employees were Miep Gies,
Victor Kugler, Bep Voskuijl, and Johannes Kleiman.  While these employees were helping with
giving them food, water, and comfort through this horrifying time; the
employees were also still running Otto Frank’s business. The employees who
helped the Frank family were able to make sure that the people who worked on
the ground floor of the warehouse were not aware. So then when the workers
would go home on break, Gies, Kugler, Voskuijl, or Kleiman would go and give
them the  fundamentals they were in need
of. (Anne Frank House, The Helpers) So for the next two years Anne Frank would
write in her diary. She would detail her daily life in hiding, she took a
interest in writing, because she wanted to be a writer when she was older.
Though on August fourth, 1944, the German secret police officer had came;and
was accompanied by four Dutch Nazis. (Biography.com, Anne Frank Biography)
Someone had secretly betrayed the Franks. The Franks were found after an
anonymous phone call was made. (History in a Hour, Who Betrayed Anne Frank?)


the Franks were caught, the family was forcefully sent to a concentration camp.
Both Anne and her sister, Margot had went to the Bergen-Bergen Concentration
Camp in Germany. The food was scarce, the sanitation was awful, and diseases
were easily spread. (Biography.com, Anne Frank Biography) Both Frank children
were killed at the concentration camp, after getting Typhus in the early spring
of 1945. Edith Frank, did also not survive the concentration camp. The only
survivor of the Franks was Otto Frank. (Biography.com, Anne Frank Biography)
After Otto Frank had reappeared in Amsterdam, one of his helpers during hiding
had retrieved a valueble item for him. Miep Gies, one of the four helpers, was
able to save Anne Frank’s diary, Kitty. (Biography.com, Anne Frank Biography)
After three years had passed Anne Frank’s diary was published in 1947. (Silke
Ballweg, Anne Frank: The Face of The Holocaust)


          After Anne
Frank’s diary was published in 1947, her writing had uprose many. In 1959, Anne
Frank’s diary entries were compiled into a three-Oscar winning film, Anne Frank’s Diary. (Silke Ballweg, Anne
Frank: The Face of The Holocaust) In the ending of World War Two, the Secret
Annex was supposed to be demolished, though a group of civilizations were able
to campaign. This campaign then was able to set up the foundation, The Anne
Frank House. (Biography.com, Anne Frank Biography) The Anne Frank House is now
a museum. The museum is the actual warehouse where the Franks hid upstairs, and
you are even able to see where the Franks were hidden for two years. The Museum
also has the pages of the diary there. Though the story of Anne and other
writings of her, are the property of the Dutch State. (Biography.com, Anne
Frank Biography) The house is also the most-visited Holocaust museum world
wide. (Silke Ballweg, Anne Frank: The Face of The Holocaust) The museum, the
diary, the story, gives us a sense of history. It also gives us knowledge of
what needs to change. Anne was a young girl, and even though she didn’t get to
live to write more, she was able to become a well known author.


diary of Anne Frank is one of some of the many items from the Holocaust still
here. These items were able to not only give us a history lesson on the culture
of the Holocaust, but a lesson on repeating. Throughout history, if you don’t
pay attention to what needs to change, history will repeat itself. Fortunately,
this lesson was learned without a repeat of many deaths of innocent men, women,
and children. Though even though the lesson was learned, it was not forgotten.
The Holocaust is said to be one of the most worst events to ever happen in
history. It happened, and we can’t take it back, but we can continue to change
and not repeat history. Overall the Holocaust was able to teach us that.