In recent times, businesses, industries and global economies
have witnessed unprecedented growth in the area of telecom, advance electronics
technology, social media, uninterrupted power, automated system etc. and
improved technology in the area of Electrical Power Systems, Advanced computer
system, electronics system engineering has played a pivoted role in this
development from the manufacturing sector, telecommunication and internet
providers to other service providers. As a result of this, it is imperative
that an engineer possess the requisite skills to invent, innovate and also
manage all the available resources necessary for the positive development of
the society while suppressing the adverse effect to the possible minimum.
Through many years of intensive research, the world has now been introduced to advanced
technology possibilities never been imagined in the areas of complete automated
system, cloud technology, nuclear weapons and lots more. Being able to
contribute to such gargantuan endeavours has always been a dream of mine and I
believe that a Master of Engineering in Electronic system engineering in the University
of Regina will be more apt in spring boarding me towards actualizing my

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As an
engineer, I intend to pursue a career in Masters of Electric Power Engineering
in Norwegian University of science and Technology, a program that applies
mathematical and scientific principles to analyse, design and develop electronic
systems and their component. This will help me meet the demand of the
engineering industries in the world today and sharpen my skill and knowledge to
help solve problems relating with electrical and electronic sector in Nigeria.

Throughout my life, I have always savoured the study of
science though with a predilection for the physical aspects viz. physics,
mathematics and chemistry which fuelled my curiosity and passion for
electronics as a whole. This prompted me to study Electrical Electronics Engineering
as a major during my undergraduate program which was a fascinating and a
rewarding experience.

Education in Madonna University has given me a strong
foundation in Engineering. The exhaustive nature of courses and a competitive
grading system has instilled in me a desire to delve deeper into the subjects
and deliver my utmost best. My first and second year consisted of several
courses on basic sciences and mathematics that have immensely helped me
appreciate my core discipline courses. Among the various core courses I did in
my senior year, I particularly enjoyed Power systems, industrial electronics.
Other courses like reliability & maintenance of electric systems,
measurement and control, computer-aided design, control engineering aided me to
have better grasp and understanding of Electrical/Electronic engineering as a
whole. I have scored excellent grades in my field courses. To add to this, I
also stood first in several classes such as basic electrical electronics,
computer programming and power system engineering. To further my interest in
what I had learnt, I chose Power Engineering systems as one of my electives and
acquired good grade in it.

During my undergraduate program, my research work was based
on Uninterrupted power supply(UPS), the aim of the research was to give an
uninterrupted power source to a system and to give an
emergency power even if there is a sudden loss of power, UPS provides an
immediate and a continuous supply of power to the system to avoid loss of data and
allowing time for auxiliary or emergency power to kick in equipment to safely
shut down. This research work was an eye opener for me in the electrical power industry
which stimulated my desire to obtain a post graduate training in the field. As
such, I have worked over the years in different automation, electronics and
field service engineering companies which has imbued in me invaluable attributes
such as responsibility, commitment, self-motivation and a strong aspiration to

Following deep introspection and research as regards finding
a suitable institution for an M.Eng in Electronic system Engineering, I came
across a publication on Secure Electric Vehicle Ecosystem for smart Grid of
Irfan S. Al-Anbagi, Ph.D., P.Eng. SMIEEE from University of Regina and I was drawn to their impressive acclaim and achievements. I then
looked up University of Regina on the internet and was mesmerized by her
state-of-the-art technology and facilities, superior didactic methods and
distinctive professional expertise; indeed, University of Regina is a hub of
brilliant minds from all walks of life all over the globe. As an engineer, I
feel it is necessary to be able to apply ones’ thesis and discoveries as well
as those of others in improving the quality of life and from my discovery; this
is the philosophy of University of Regina, which makes her very well suited for
my academic pursuit.

My choice of M.Eng in Electronic system
Engineering in a highly reputable
institution with excellent track records in M.Eng. in Electronic system Engineering is an attempt to improve my knowledge and skill base
to better fill the gap required in my country Nigeria and the world at large.
As usual this course would expand my knowledge on Analog and digital
electronics, instrumentation and control, telecommunications,
micro-electronics, power and energy, artificial intelligence, signal processing,
applied computing, which is the key to the latest technology in computer base
devices, robotics, embedded systems, automation as well as the fundamental

I am also
expecting to be richly benefit from an extremely dedicated faculty, extensive
research facilities and an environment endowed with a plethora of academic
activities. I hope that my academic accomplishments, my exposure to industrial
practices and my future aspiration may be viewed favourably for admission to
your graduate school, for pursuing a master’s program in Electronics system Engineering. 


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