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ol1 {list-style-type: decimal} Schulich School of Business, York University: Known as the school that created the first international degree in the field business this business and management school stands second in our list of the best management schools in Canada. The reason being that they use highly innovative methods to teach their students that their Bachelor’s of Business administration program got so much appreciation. Getting the award for the best best business college in Canada for the 6th time is an achievement in itself, The program was in collaboration with Kellogg graduate school of management at northwestern university of Illinois. According to the economist this institute got the ninth rank and sixth best business school by Forbes. So what if its not the best in Canada but surely it gives a tough competition to the best. The fact that within two years the fee doubled but the number of applicants remained the same says a lot about how good the reputation of this institute is. The drawback of this university is the university life due to its location in the northern side of Toronto, the university life is considered the worst here.

Rotman school Of Management, University of Toronto: This school is known for its wide variety of undergrad courses with a selection range of over 2000 courses. For the graduate category, this school stood second in the whole of Canada and 29th in the whole of the world. One of the major point about this college is that 98% of the faculty here is a doctorate. The reputation of this school is also good when it comes to the academic point of view. The business school is situated in the heart of the largest city of Canada so the university life is pretty good there.

Richard Ivy School of Business, University of Western Ontario: This school of business is considered the best when it comes to the recruitment because most of the banks that are into investment banking recruit from here. The drawback is the various fee one has to pay along with the tuition fee but the good news is that this amount is easily paid back when one gets a big joining bonus. The school takes in only a few hundred of admissions so it is a difficult task to get a seat in one of the undergraduate programs of the school. The fact the graduates from this school get a very high salary of around a hundred grands a year, it is the most preferred and favoured school in the whole of Canada.HEC ,Montreal:  The fact that makes HEC stand out of the crowd is the fact that it offers bilingual and trilingual degrees wherein the students in the first year are given an option to choose in which language they want to continue their course. The graduate degree of HEC was ranked the best in Canada under the category of 1year business school in Canada and even the graduate degree is done in french and 


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