Life is full of relationships some small and some big, although they can be big
or small in length of time or in the way that it impacts us emotionally
throughout our lifetime.The Rocking Horse Winner focuses on a major
relationship between a child and their family, and it shows the many effects it
can have on a child throughout the entirety of their lifetime. The way this
relationship affects the main character Paul has ups and downs, it leads him to
become lucky but shows that some wholes can ever be filled with the biggest
amount of luck. The short story is focused around a boy named Paul life and his
relationship with his family and how it drives him to his own death; this is
caused through selfishness, greed and the need of acceptance.

Selfishness is a character trait that many inhabit but what counts it to the
extent that this trait goes, some will rather die that gives while others would
just not be pleased to award others instead of themselves. The story of The
Rocking Horse Winner begins and ends with selfishness because if it
were not for the selfishness of the parents there would be no story or death.
The story focuses on a family with two parents who are to selfish to give up
their wants for their own children, this begins the story as it sets the main
character to take his course. The parents cause Paul to worry and wonder why
there is a sadness surrounding their family, this leads him to learn about luck
and this brings him onto a path lead by the want to satisfy his parents selfish
needs. The selfish agenda that Paul grew up surrounded by creates a personal
goal of his to drive and push himself to the breaking point to satisfy this
selfish hunger his parents have pushed down upon him. This relationship shows
how selfish neglecting parents who only care about themselves can affect their
children to the drastic measure to please them.

Greed is a theme in this story that is evident throughout all of the
characters, and it is what drives them in life their greed strings them along
into taking any action possible to fulfill this never ending need.  For
Paul his greed is only a result of his parents, his life was surrounded by the
idea that you should always want and need more no matter what it will cost you,
in his case his parents greed lead them into barely being able to afford
anything but the need and want was so strong that it still did not stop them
Greed runs the story and it makes the character numb to any type of feeling,
they become unaware of reality and the consequences greed takes on a person
they no longer have feelings only a need for materialistic things in life. This
leads to Paul to grow numb and only care about winning and luck this leads him
to his demise. But Paul’s greed was not the only thing that lead to his death,
his parents having the same numbness made them oblivious to the danger their
son was in and they just kept encouraging it. The theme of greed was there to
show that a life run by the need for irrelevant things will only cause sadness
and numbness, it was shown through the character snot knowing anything but the
want for materialistic objects and nothing else leading them into a miserable
life filled with nice things.  Greed is often described as where there is
greed there is wealth, but the wealth is not what you believe it to be, this
relates to the greed found in the story because there is greed and they seem
wealthy but to contrary they are greedy and poor.


Acceptance is another important theme found in The Rocking Horse Winner and
it is a important theme that only Paul deals with internally because of the
relationship he shares with his parents and the rest of his family. The theme
of acceptance only effects Paul but its source comes for his parents who do not
sow affection or love towards their own children whether it had been Paul of
his sisters. This caused Paul to have a relationship with his parents where he
was constantly looking for approval, acceptance and any amount of attention.
When children they either act out for attention or become closed off and cold,
in this story Paul exhibits both of these acts, he acts out in the way he looks
and strives for luck and how he becomes numb for greed is his way or
disconnecting and becoming cut off.  His relationship with his parents and
the way they have treated him emotionally encompasses all the materialistic
things they have provided him with throughout his life, because it effects him
the most and leads him to his own death. The theme of acceptance in this story
is shows how important it is to a child no matter what the age to obtain and
have the feeling of acceptance from their parents.

The Rocking Horse Winner is a story that shows how throughout
life the relationships we share have many different impacts on our life and the
choices we make. Through Paul’s overall relationship with his parents has
caused him to live life in a position where he has no true feelings, he has
luck in ways that fulfill his greed but ultimately leads to his demise. It
shows that luck can be many different things and cause different outcomes and
emotions. The emotions Paul’s relationship with his parents have caused him to
become greedy and seek attention from his selfish parents which are all themes
found throughout this story.



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