Linearity, is treated uniformly and equally, without hierarchies

Linearity, dynamic continuity,
open horizon, are the major advantages of New Beach, intensified and reinforced
by the formation of the quay floor.


The quay of the beach is an ideal
place for a walk, without interruptions or disturbances. The ‘Walker’ is
exposed to light, in the open perspective, on a continuous course over the
charming boundary between the opposite: the stability of the solid quay – the
instability and clarity of the liquid element.

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The paved beach, from the White
Tower to the Concert Hall, is treated uniformly and equally, without
hierarchies and fluctuations in its breadth. A cast floor was constructed all
along the front and across its width where there was hard flooring. The new
floor differs only in two ways: a. to indicate the route of a bicycle path, b.

at the end of the quay in the water, where using the wooden deck from bangkirai
attempts to highlight the land and sea boundaries.


On the inside of the quay, the alternative of a
shaded path is offered. This route with the seating between the trees is
especially useful in the summer months, especially in older people. The alley
acts as an intermediate-filter between the two distinct parts of the coastal
front: the pavement and the green belt. It creates a differentiated route in
qualities, delineated by the trees and forms a single image of the front view
from the sea.