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The African-Americansocial reformer, abolitionist, and writer Frederick Douglass was born onFebruary 1818 in Talbot County, Maryland. We do not know the exact date of hisbirth, but he chose to celebrate it on February 14th. Douglass wasborn into slavery. His plantation was between the cities of Cordova andHillsboro. Douglass had a hard time as a kid. He didn’t really know his mom andshe then died when Douglass was still a young boy. He then went to live withhis maternal grandmother, but soon was separated from her too. He then went tothe Wye house plantation to work for Aaron Anthony. While he […]

Kaedah mencapai keputusan cemerlang maka pelajar itu adalah

Kaedahpengajaran yang mengutamakan kualiti pembelajaran mampu mencapai matlamatpembelajaran abad ke-21.Lantaran itu guru perlu mempelbagaikan kaedahpengajaran dalam menyampaikan isi pembelajaran kepada murid dipetik dari (Mohd Zin et al. , 2012).Flipped Classroom Baker (2000) adalah  salah satu kaedah pembelajaran berpusatkanpelajar yang telah dikenalpasti pada tahun 2000.Pendekatan flipped classroom pada asalnya,mula dilaksanakan di peringkatuniversiti dalam bidang teknologi sebelum digunakan secara meluas di peringkatsekolah dalam bidang Sains, Teknologi, Kejuruteraan dan Matematik dipetik dari(Rahman et al., 2015).Menurut Kim &Hannafin (2011) strategi flippedclassroom membantu mewujudkan suasana pembelajaran yang aktif. Dalamkonteks ini,interaksi satu hala berubah kepada persekitaran pembelajaran konstruktivismeyang berpusatkan pelajar. Pada waktu yang sama, para pelajar […]

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  Voice Recognition Based Home Automation System forParalyzed People  AbhishekBhujbal, Abhishek Hire, Akash Jadhav, Siddhesh Lendhe.Under theguidance of Prof. Z V Thorat.   Abstract— The voice recognition based home automationsystem was built and implemented. The system is specially designed for thepeople suffering from paralysis and also for the elderly people.The use ofvoice commands eliminates the need to remote controllers and other electronicdevice and makes it easy to interact with the system to perform automation andcontrol electrical devices. Buzzer allows disabled person to notify theguardians whenever the person need help. The illumination sensor automaticallyturns off the lights when sun light is enough to see […]

Assessment Then it will provide an explanation of

Assessment as an essential part of MFL learning processAssessment is an important issue to Reflective Teaching in Modern Foreign Language Education, too. The aim of this essay is to dive into a featured topic of Modern Foreign Language teaching in the UK, specifically to investigate assessment activities in the MFL schoolroom. In order to do so, this essay will focus on different research papers that have been produced on this issue. The essay will first provide the issue of Assessment with general definitions which are necessary to understand how Formative and Summative Assessment are working in MFL classroom. Then it […]

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Spain  Spain is one of the country that speak English as Foreign Language, where their first language is Spanish and most probably they have their own mother tongue as for their second language. Research says that, due to their first language they might have some influences in the other languages too, especially English. Spanish have five vowels in their language, so most commonly they will have problems is pronouncing in other language, for instead they will mispronounce in English though we have 12 vowels all together. They use more high vowels, meaning that long vowel as for the short vowel. […]

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ABSTRACT:When and how much L1 use in EFL has been hotly debated problem among scholars over the decades. Since the existince of communicative approaches like direct method and audio-lingual method that prohibits the L1 in EFL classrooms, the discussion on the subject has grown. This paper analyzes the role and effect of the L1 in English EFL classroom setting. Researches and studies had been made by professionals have been used as a resource.. In this artice I am going to show you advantages and disadvantages of using and not using first language, besides how and when first language should be […]

Storytelling eventually write down their experiences in order

Storytelling is a phenomenon that dates back to the history of the mankind. Since they first stepped on the surface of the earth they have been telling stories. They used actions when they had no idea about oral languages. Slowly and gradually, they discovered language and started to speak and eventually write down their experiences in order to covey them to others. Storytelling connects the humanity at a point where they could relate to each other on the basis of their life experiences or shared thoughts that are conveyed through stories even to the farthest places. Stories, as a matter […]

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. According to Goh (1999), 66% of learners stated thatspeaker’s accent is a major difficulty. (Munro & Derwing, 1999)listening comprehensioncanlead to an important reduction in Inaddition, accent is another difficulty that that manydifficulties face learners in the listening comprehension process;consequently, listening remains the most neglected element of language. Some ofthe difficulties could be summarized as the following: While listening,learners’ hear a lot of unfamiliar vocabulary or polysemous words, causingconfusion and leading to unmotivated learners. Moreover, cultural differencesmight be another major obstacle that faces learners. Learners should befamiliar with the cultural knowledge of language that has an important effecton the learners’ […]

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paients& methodstudydesign: A prospective  descriptive  study of  100 cases of tonsillectomy carriedout  in ENT center in Sulaimaniyateaching hospital over a period of 8 months (jan . 2017-aug. 2017). to comparethe two methods of securing the lower pole ,snaring & ligation regardingthe  post tonsillectomy complication Inclusioncriteria:·       patients of anyage·       chronictonsillitis·       sleep apneasyndromeexclusioncritria: ·       adenoidhypertrophy·       patients withepisode of acute tonsillitis·       parent refusedto participate·       patient with badfollow up·       history ofcogulopathy diorder·       rhistory ofimmunodeffecincy disorder·       orofasial anomalyas submucous cleft palate.·       Chronicsystemic illnesses as DM, epilepsy, heart failur·       equinsy·        tonsillar unilateral enlargement·       part ofpalatoplasty·       upper &lower respiratory tract infection·      Pregnancyand lactation.  sampling:convenientsample of 100 patients of different ages ,complaining of chronic tonsillitis preparedfor tonsillectomy  was taken,  after dissection ,the tonsil on the rightside was […]

I did my Internship at Engro Powergen Ghotki

I am writing to applyfor Stipendium Hungaricum, in which I am enormously interested. Thisscholarship is a chance to get admission in one of the most prestigious,elitist and respected universities. So I can enrich my knowledge and professionallygrow. And thereby contribute to the development in the field of engineering andtechnology in my native country and the whole world.I graduated from SukkurInstitute of Business Administration University, Sukkur, Pakistan, in 2017 witha CGPA of 3.00 in Electrical Engineering. In my undergraduate studies I learntthe basic principles of electronics systems. Meanwhile my graduation I did myInternship at Engro Powergen Ghotki where I explored most […]

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