Assessment Then it will provide an explanation of

Assessment as an essential part of MFL learning processAssessment is an important issue to Reflective Teaching in Modern Foreign Language Education, too. The aim of this essay is to dive into a featured topic of Modern Foreign Language teaching in the UK, specifically to investigate assessment activities in the MFL schoolroom. In order to do so, this essay will focus on different research papers that have been produced on this issue. The essay will first provide the issue of Assessment with general definitions which are necessary to understand how Formative and Summative Assessment are working in MFL classroom. Then it […]

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Spain  Spain is one of the country that speak English as Foreign Language, where their first language is Spanish and most probably they have their own mother tongue as for their second language. Research says that, due to their first language they might have some influences in the other languages too, especially English. Spanish have five vowels in their language, so most commonly they will have problems is pronouncing in other language, for instead they will mispronounce in English though we have 12 vowels all together. They use more high vowels, meaning that long vowel as for the short vowel. […]

Storytelling eventually write down their experiences in order

Storytelling is a phenomenon that dates back to the history of the mankind. Since they first stepped on the surface of the earth they have been telling stories. They used actions when they had no idea about oral languages. Slowly and gradually, they discovered language and started to speak and eventually write down their experiences in order to covey them to others. Storytelling connects the humanity at a point where they could relate to each other on the basis of their life experiences or shared thoughts that are conveyed through stories even to the farthest places. Stories, as a matter […]

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A.   Python  Python is a general purpose highlevel programming language. It emphasis on code readability and its syntaxallows programmers to express concepts in fewer lines of code then would bepossible in languages such as C. 2 B.  Web Cam We have used two megapixel web camera for capturingframes.                                                  III. MOTIVATION  The concept of hand gesture recognition has manyapplications include:  automated homes,sign language translation, mouse controlling, gaming interface, robot control,medical systems etc. They are as follows: 1)  Robot Control  Controlling the robot using gestures considered as one ofthe interesting applications in this field proposed a system that uses thenumbering […]

Contrastive its introduction by Robert Lado in the

Contrastive linguistic or contrastive analysis is a study of the elements of language. According to Lado (1975), contrastive analysis is a way of describing the difficulties or ease of language learners in both languages and languages. The contrastive analysis is not only to compare linguistic elements and linguistic systems in the first language (L1) with the second language (L2), but to compare and describe the background of the two languages so that they can be used in a second language or a foreign language. The study of linguistic elements is done by comparing two linguistic data, first language data (L1) […]

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 According to Terigan (1990:59), contrastive analysis is an activity to compare the structure of L1 with L2. This contrastive analysis is expected to help the learners of L2 to learn more easily. To make it easier to understand the notion of contrastive analysis, we must understand the meaning of two words that arrange the phrase of contrastive analysis. Analysis is defined as a description that aims to know something and it is possible to find the core problem. While, Moeliono (1988:32) explains that contrastive is defined as the difference between two things and the word of contrastive is more well […]

Return to Wirikuta

Return to Wirikuta Name: Course: Date: Return to Wirikuta Step 1 Mara’aka’me -This means the shaman priest. The priest guides the Huichols to hunt the peyote on their return to Wirikuta. Wirikuta – is an elevated desert situated far from the Huichlos current habitat. Illud tempus – This means sacred. Wirikuta is considered to have existed even before God created the world. It is rendered a sacred place. At this place, every one is treated equally and unity is practiced. Hikuritamete- means the peyote pilgrims. The Huichols change the meaning of everything at the Wirikuta. This is done because it […]

Client Needs Analysis

Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: Client Needs Analysis 1. Introduction Currently, learning goes on everyday and everywhere. However, the formal learning is evaluated through examination. Examinations require a lot of work, starting from issuing of the examination, marking and compiling results for the students. With the increase in number of students and amount of work going up, this becomes quite hard. However, with the advancement of information technology, examination can be done online and results marked immediately to produce the score as soon as possible. Therefore, examinations being part of the learning process where normally students sit for them in classes, […]

“Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth”

Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth Name: Institution: Lecturer: Course: Date: Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth After a visit to planet earth, I concluded that people are religious. There exist different religions, which have various symbols that signify their religion. For instance, Christians have crucifix, necklaces, the Bible and a specific day of worship. Muslims have symbols of a crescent, Quran, a worship day and specific times of prayers. All these signs should assist in getting enough information to confirm whether there is religion or not. There will be a need for interpreters for interpreting […]

Discussion Forum

Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Discussion Forum She Think She All That Code switching is termed as the ability to make conversations using language varieties in a single conversation. This is an indication of multilingual ability brought about by interactions in different cultures. In essence, code switching is termed as using linguistic varieties with consistency of the variety of syntax and phonology of the languages used. Code switching is usually an indication of the emergence of cultures, resulting in a need for the languages to develop and for an understanding between languages. Code switching affects only individual utterances by use of […]

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