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The African-American social reformer, abolitionist, and writer Frederick Douglass was born on February 1818 in Talbot County, Maryland. We do not know the exact date of his birth, but he chose to celebrate it on February 14th. Douglass was born into slavery. His plantation was between the cities of Cordova and Hillsboro. Douglass had a hard time as a kid. He didn’t really know his mom and she then died when Douglass was still a young boy. He then went to live with his maternal grandmother, but soon was separated from her too. He then went to the Wye house […]

Kaedah mencapai keputusan cemerlang maka pelajar itu adalah

Kaedah pengajaran yang mengutamakan kualiti pembelajaran mampu mencapai matlamat pembelajaran abad ke-21.Lantaran itu guru perlu mempelbagaikan kaedah pengajaran dalam menyampaikan isi pembelajaran kepada murid dipetik dari (Mohd Zin et al., 2012).Flipped Classroom Baker (2000) adalah  salah satu kaedah pembelajaran berpusatkan pelajar yang telah dikenalpasti pada tahun 2000.Pendekatan flipped classroom pada asalnya,mula dilaksanakan di peringkat universiti dalam bidang teknologi sebelum digunakan secara meluas di peringkat sekolah dalam bidang Sains, Teknologi, Kejuruteraan dan Matematik dipetik dari (Rahman et al., 2015).Menurut Kim & Hannafin (2011) strategi flipped classroom membantu mewujudkan suasana pembelajaran yang aktif. Dalam konteks ini,interaksi satu hala berubah kepada persekitaran pembelajaran […]

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    Voice Recognition Based Home Automation System for Paralyzed People   Abhishek Bhujbal, Abhishek Hire, Akash Jadhav, Siddhesh Lendhe. Under the guidance of Prof. Z V Thorat.       Abstract— The voice recognition based home automation system was built and implemented. The system is specially designed for the people suffering from paralysis and also for the elderly people.The use of voice commands eliminates the need to remote controllers and other electronic device and makes it easy to interact with the system to perform automation and control electrical devices. Buzzer allows disabled person to notify the guardians whenever the […]

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paients & method study design: A  prospective  descriptive  study  of  100 cases of tonsillectomy carried out  in ENT center in Sulaimaniya teaching hospital over a period of 8 months (jan .2017-aug. 2017). to compare the two methods of securing the lower pole ,snaring & ligation regarding the  post tonsillectomy complication Inclusion criteria: ·        patients of any age ·        chronic tonsillitis ·        sleep apnea syndrome exclusion critria: ·        adenoid hypertrophy ·        patients with episode of acute tonsillitis ·        parent refused to participate ·        patient with bad follow up ·        history of cogulopathy diorder ·        rhistory of immunodeffecincy disorder ·        orofasial anomaly […]

I did my Internship at Engro Powergen Ghotki

I am writing to apply for Stipendium Hungaricum, in which I am enormously interested. This scholarship is a chance to get admission in one of the most prestigious, elitist and respected universities. So I can enrich my knowledge and professionally grow. And thereby contribute to the development in the field of engineering and technology in my native country and the whole world. I graduated from Sukkur Institute of Business Administration University, Sukkur, Pakistan, in 2017 with a CGPA of 3.00 in Electrical Engineering. In my undergraduate studies I learnt the basic principles of electronics systems. Meanwhile my graduation I did […]

This classroom discussion. Problem-based learning shares its intellectual

This paper is about problem-based learning (PBL) and its use in promoting higher-level thinking in problem-oriented situations, including learning how to learn. The model is also referred to by other names, such as project-based instruction, authentic learning, and anchored instruction. Most important, the teacher provides scaffolding—a supportive framework—that enhances inquiry and intellectual growth. Problem-based learning cannot occur unless teachers create classroom environments in which an open and honest exchange of ideas can occur. In this respect, many parallels exist among problem-based learning, cooperative learning, and classroom discussion. Problem-based learning shares its intellectual roots with concept and inquiry-based teaching. Characteristic features […]

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Teacher quality is imperative to upgrade the learning procedure and profoundly affects a pupil’s performance. Regarding remuneration, the capacity of HEIs to enlist very qualified teaching staff is to a great extent relied upon the amount they can stand to pay. This has prompted the circumstance in which driving HEIs with solid financial positions to select experienced and qualified teachers effortlessly in contrast with HEIs with constrained spending budgets. In spite of this regulation, it appears that numerous students considering four-year certifications (bachelor degrees) are actually being instructed by educators who have a similar level of degree. Altogether, there are […]

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Katherine JohnsonBy Ryan DashKatherine Goble Johnson was a African American women, who’s brave and spunky actions helped get a rocketship on the moon. She worked through ridicule, doubts, and her husband dying. She is still alive today and there has been a movie (Hidden Figures), and a book made about her.Katherine Johnson was born into the world as Katherine Coleman on August 26, 1918. In Sulfur Springs, West Virginia. She was a  very bright child who was very gifted in math. She was so good at her classes that she completed the eighth grade by age 10! Unfortunately, her town […]

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Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde was born into a intellectual household in Dublin, Ireland in October 16 1854. His father William Wilde was a successful doctor who was knighted for his work and his mother was a poet and a skilled linguist. He became fluent in German and French at a young age, and studied Greek and Roman history and philosophy later in life. After studying this at the Trinity College in Dublin and later at Oxford and becoming known for his involvement in aestheticism, which is the philosophy that art is created to look nice rather than having a […]

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I really found this two chapters very interesting especially because it’s teaching us how to interview children. I would like to learn more about this topic. In my opinion I think that The most challenging and important thing to remember while planning an interview is to watch your words. The smallest change in any wording can change the whole case when interviewing a child. Planning interview questions beforehand will decrease the chances of questions that lean a certain way and will also help the child answer the question more honestly and openly. According to the American Professional Society on the […]

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