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The crucible-John proctor a guy with lots of pride.the action proctor choose  made him look bad to some people not all.john proctor plays the big role in the story called a crucible by the author by the name of Author Miller.John proctor made some really bad decision like getting with Abigail but it wasn’t his fault it was her fault because she persuade him to getting with her.He also lied in court for the sake of his good name and so it wouldn’t ruin his family’s good name..john proctor is a good example of somebody who struggles to find himself […]

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Th? Sci?nc? fictional story titl?d Frank?nst?in includ?s a s?lf c?nt?r?d mad sci?ntist nam?d Victor Frank?nst?in. Victor b?com?s absolut?ly obs?ss?d with his pow?r to b? god and cr?at? lif?. H? go?s as far as actually cr?ating lif?. Som? would say what h? cr?at?d is aliv? and looks som?what human-lik? but what h? cr?at?d was a monst?r. This pow?r corr?lat?s to God but th? diff?r?nc? is that God is known to b? p?rf?ct wh?n cr?ating whil? Victor is not.  Victor’s prid? forms an interesting topic and discussion of Victor Frank?nst?in’s charact?r.Victor d?cid?d to mak? a cr?ation out of body parts that h? […]

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  CHAPTER FOUR FINDINGS AND DISCUSSION INTRODUCTION             In this chapter, the results of 79 sets questionnaires being analyzed.  The objectives are to analyze and interprets the collected data from KPJ Rawang Specialist Hospital.  The data will be analyzed by SPSS and the result will be evaluated based on the hypothesis.  This chapter will present the quantitative research findings of The Implication of Occupational Stress Toward Employee Job Performance at KPJ Rawang Specialist Hospital (KPJ RSH)There are divided into several parts to analyzing the results obtained. It comprises the analysis of demographic analysis, reliability test, Pearson Correlation Coefficient and Multiple Regressions. The demographic analysis include gender, age, […]

Observational learning may occur through indirect experiences when

Observational learning plays an important role in socialization and learning more generally, as a great deal of our behavior is learned through the observation of others. As infants, we have learned to imitate other people’s facial expressions to express how we feel or we have modeled what we have observed from other people’s experiences. Behavior analysts have contended that observational learning can be explained through the process of learning history, intermittent reinforcement, stimulus discrimination, conditioned discrimination, and stimulus generalization (Masia & Chase, 1997). Imitative behaviors occur through our history of reinforcement and when a stimulus discrimination that has been previously […]

Planarians mesoderm, and endoderm (3). They show bilateral

Planarians (Dugesia) are eukaryotic flatworms that form the class Turbellarians in the Phylum Platyhelminthes (1). They are related to other flatworms, e.g. tape and fluke however they differ by one thing which is that they are non-parasitic. They are invertebrates and are one of the most basal triploblastic organisms, with derivatives of all three germ layers; ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm (3). They show bilateral symmetry and are one of the simplest animals with mesodermic layers and their tissues are organised into organ and organ systems (1).  As shown in diagram 1, Planarians are formed various components that allow it to […]

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ABSTRACT Automatic synchronization is widely used to connect more than one alternators or an alternator with busbar. The main task of a synchronizer is to capture the voltage, frequency and phase sequence between the alternators accurately and rapidly. The manual methods of synchronization demand a skilled operator. Under emergency condition such as synchronizing of large machine a very fast operation become more difficult which may not be possible for human operation. Thus, there is a need of auto synchronizer in a power station. This project describes a microprocessor based setup for synchronizing a three-phase alternator to bus bar. The developed […]

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    What are confined spaces? Manan Bhatt Health and Safety Workplace -17 F Professor Katherine Burger Sunday, Jan 14, 2018                         Introduction Confined spaces in the workplace pose a great risk of injury and in some cases death. Some of the hazards that are a result of confined spaces are fire, drowning, explosion and more. The employers and the workers both should take the necessary steps to ensure their own safety and of their colleagues.    A place which has limited access for humans to enter and which […]

Intraspecies determines a particular mental state of the

Intraspecies deception has been well documented in many species of nonhuman animals. In order for an animal to be deceptive, there is a level of cognitive processing that assumes that ”what I know” and ”what they know” are different (known as second order intentionality) (Shuttleworth, 2010, pg. 432). For example, a female piping plover will fain a broken wing in order to lure predators away from her nest (Shuttleworth, 2010, pg. 433). This suggests that there needs to be an understanding, on some level, that other conspecifics have their own individual perceptions, feelings and plans similar to their own. That […]

According Factors Contributing to Fatal Road Accidents in

According to Munteanu’s publication on “Human and Environmental Factors Contributing to Fatal Road Accidents in a Romanian Population”, the study conducted a research about the contributions of human and environmental factors to the road accidents in Romania. The study analysed the possible climatic factor involed in road accidents, specifically, the presense of wet roads, winter condition, fog, and darkness. They found out that among the climatic factors , the  most frequent factor was darkness. The risk increases if the roads do not have proper lights. PICS – wet roads, winter conditions, fog, darkness While on Lankarani’s “The Impact of Environmental […]

LITERATURE REVIEW (Boram park, sookyoungahn andhaejung kim, 2010)this

LITERATURE REVIEW (Boram park, sookyoungahn andhaejung kim, 2010)this paper was to delineated the blogging motivations with an emphasis of flow mediation predict blogging behaviors in that articles they had three objectives.1st is identify determinant dimensions of blogging motivations, behavior and flow and also they investigated the hypothesized relationship between blogging motivations .they took data from  fill out the questionnaire, the data are collected from student at public southwestern university in the USA .  the used factor and confirmatory analysis throughout AMOS. and over all finding reveals that the desire for entertainment, information and efficiency are the primary divers for belonging […]

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