Lowe’s with the help of Vine a social

a “70-year-old hardware chain has recently made tremendous strides in its
social media reach by treating social media not as a single entity, but by realizing
that audiences use different channels for different reasons and tailoring its
content accordingly” (Ratcliff, C). Lowe’s with the help of Vine a social
media site put together a series of six-second stop-animation clips involving
home improvement.

service provided an entertainment factor that grabbed your attention. It showed
ways to fix a simple problem in a short amount of time. When you have a small
space for 140 characters, 6 seconds or the length of a headline to grab
someone’s attention, the clips must be catchy and creative. Their price is
their ability to connect with an audience. I love their clips and have gone to
Lowe’s looking for products to complete a project. What Vine did for Lowe’s,
created an engagement through helpful advice, creativity and an entertainment
value. This alone went way beyond their followers.

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am a Facebook follower. I have found that it’s the only way of knowing what is
going on in my family. I always am drawn to the As Seen on TV ads. The biggest
factors were convenience, ease of use, and speed of the product. With my
crockpot it was all about speed and it was great for one person. The water hose
was light and easy to store. I have a big garden so dragging a heavy hose from
point A to point B is not an easy task.

a big change in demographics social media has been affected. In 2016 alone
there was a 21% drop on Facebook where teens didn’t join because their parents were
members. Moving forward the amount of data will grow which in turn will
increase revenue. The data will become modified creating new opportunities for
social marketing. With all the advances the marketing strategy should always be
focused on building customer loyalty. After all it is called Social Media
Marketing, emphasis on the word social. With these changes Twitter, Goggle,
LinkedIn, to name a few may struggle to survive.