Mahnoor Gul


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Delegate of

Future of NATO in Afghanistan


Honorable chair
and fellow delegates,

The nation
of Afghanistan is set to discuss one of the most critical decisions in the
country’s modern history , a decision that will impact the lives of our
generation and the generations to come.  After
more than a decade of unprecedented change, Afghanistan has come a long way
from where it was in 2001. Today, where we take our destiny and future is in
our own hands thanks to the sacrifices made by thousands of brave Afghan men
and women in uniform and those of our international allies.

“For over a decade, NATO Allies and partners have
stood shoulder to shoulder with the Afghan people. Helping to turn Afghanistan
from a safe-haven for international terrorists into a country that holds its
head up high in the world”, Mr Stoltenberg. Elements in neighboring countries are known to be the
number one threat against Afghanistan and will continue to challenge the Afghan
Government, particularly in the space left by the 2014 NATO drawdown.

The delegate
of Afghanistan would like to bring to light that problems like drug trafficking
and terrorism are creating a wall between current day Afghanistan and it’s
potential for a bright future. The U.S. government has offered a commitment to stand
by Afghan forces in fighting not only against conventional foreign aggression,
but also the safe havens of threats to Afghan security and their proxy groups,
by any means necessary – economic, political and military. Simply put, if
agreed, it would be a very strong alliance for Afghanistan. The delegate
believes that it is imperative to find sufficient and productive solutions to
the issue at hand and help develop Afghanistan so that the country can show its
true potential both economically and socially.

The delegate
hopes to reach a mutual consensus with the rest of the committee and is looking
forward to a healthy and heated debate with a unanimous draft resolution
containing sufficient solutions. Turning Afghanistan from an economic wasteland
to a thriving country is the goal of the countries during the following committee
sessions and the delegate hopes to accomplish it.


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