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any paper from academic journal randomly and what is the possibility that it
contains useful knowledge? According to the survey conducted by a professor of
Wharton school only 3% of the papers published in reputed as well low journals
contains useful knowledge. According to him useful knowledge is defined as
“based on that paper better decision can be made on the given situations”. Why
this problem occurs? This problem is not only with business schools, same
situation with engineering colleges also. This is the situation all over the

of the papers are published in academic journals by professor and other peoples
just for increasing their CV value or to get increments in their job. There is
misconception that if a person published more number of papers then he has more
knowledge. But the real fact is opposite. In engineering college, the situation
is too pathetic, if you change the existing values of the components and doing
some patch works in the paper you can publish it in some other journals. Does
it really add value to the society to solve the existing problems? How to
overcome it?

compound this problems school/companies have to judge the faculty/employees
based on the whether their paper have really contributed to the knowledge of
just published for the sake. The primary suggestion is for schools is to assess
the usefulness of research work done by them. they can ask the concerned person
to write short notes like describing “what they have discovered”, “how they
made the discovery”, “in which it will be helpful or make the decision better”.
I think less than 10% of the academic researchers in the business schools as
well as in engineering college will be able to write a convincing statement
about the potential value of their research works. 

also should encourage students to write more papers or discussing the real
situations in class for every concept they teach and making the students to
participate in discussion and come up with some creative solution for the
existing problem. Always discussion leads to many innovative thinking and some
great ideas. Instead of dumping what they know, they can find a way to do this.

also should start focusing publishing some useful papers. They can achieve this
by asking their reviewers to give their opinion whether this paper can be
published or not, they can ask them to give their suggestion for improvements.
This would help them to select most useful contributor’s papers. Researchers
also should do some useful researches. They can follow the 3 U method.

paper should be As User friendly as
possible: It should be understandable by every people. If they are not
understanding what’s the use of writing it?

Useful or interesting as possible: check
whether your paper really gives practical solutions to the existing for
anticipated problems. Does your solution really makes better decision? Or does
it leave you thinking “so what”?

Uncritizable or TrUstworthy as possible: Are you sure of
your conclusions? Is there any flaws? It is necessary to give the readers
enough details.



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