Making want to change your life from this

Making investments is always a big challenge for most of the people. If we see millennials and ask about them about their future plans, there must a great list about their desires. But when you ask about their financial portfolio, the answer is generally a big “No.” I have done some research that showed me some disturbing results about investment figures by millennials, it’s just 30 percent. Seriously only 30 percent. I can understand it’s difficult for those who are enjoying their later 20s and early 30s to build an investment portfolio from scratch. But I can assure you if you start investing, you start feeling good and secure for yourself. I am saying this because I too had the same experience earlier.  I am here to help you with a step by step guide to building a personal investment portfolio from scratch. But Before you start:Pen Down Your Liabilities And Assets:1. You need to sit alone with a diary and a pen to list each and everything you have like loans, credit card balance, cash, funds, bank accounts etc. But be honest without leaving anything behind.2. If you seriously want to change your life from this very moment then you must know where you are now. This list will show you your real picture and will motivate you to be the best version of yourself.3. This list is going to help you with a balanced investment portfolio for you.Let’s Start:1.  Start With Your Employer’s Retirement Plans:Each and every employer offers you a retirement plan like 401k accounts which provide you good ROI (return on investment). The ratio of contribution may vary from one company to another but you can start by contributing your part and ease out things for you.2. Debt Reduction:Have a sharp eye on the paper where you have listed your credit card balance and start paying them one by one to avoid those high interest rates. For this, you have to plan smartly how easily you can reduce your oversized debt.3. Home Buying:Everyone dreams about their “own home” and I must tell you that it can a great investment option for you as you don’t have to pay any more rents. For enjoying this investment you have to make a plan to save money for the down payment of your dream home.4. Make an Emergency Cash Reserve:Many times we face unexpected expenses and we lack money. For these expenses, we move to credit cards but now you have to stop this by saving some cash as emergency funds. You should plan to save for at least 6 months of emergency reserve for expenses like insurances, groceries, fixed payments etc.5. Buying Core Stocks:When you are a homeowner and have sufficient of emergency reserve you can head towards some core stocks. This is the best option when you are a newcomer to the stock market and have timidity about it. You can also take help of some financial consultant before investing in stock market.These are some ways to save your money and future. When you are in early age you can start following these small steps to enjoy your peaceful and relaxed retirement. But there may be some conflicts when you are in your 60s as you are now mature and experienced and have better options and ideas to invest your money to have great ROIs. I hope you stay motivated to save and invest every time..Thank you!