Manufacturing(Worthen, B., 2005): When MeadWestvaco was merged with two major U.S. packaging companies, Mead and Westvaco, in early 2002, Jim McGrane was assigned to be CIO by the new company to take control of the $ 7.2 billion company. Shortly after, Someone on the McGrane’s team found the ITIL, a process framework that, while a high-level management architecture tool, offers a tremendous amount of detail and explanation that can actually be used in the organization’s architecture. At the end of the first quarter of 2003, McGrane formally planned to rebuild its IT department using the ITIL framework, though when the consolidation of MeadWestvaco was still under way and the company allowed only $ 100,000 in IT maintenance contracts to keep the budget in operation Stable ten percent income. McGrane and his department, however, have been able to break through these many constraints due to using ITIL.2002 Computer Hardware Manufacturer Finisar adopted ITIL framework and used CMDB to track Company’s assets. For example, Christine Rose, global IT director, released a report on the CMDB and found that Finisar’s FTP server is responsible for several recent incidents. This server was once used to provide end-user technical support, while overused was overwhelming its hard drive. Rose just need to add more storage space to solve the problem. Due to the standardization of Finisar’s Service Desk, customer satisfaction increased from 33% to 95%. Moreover, Rose reduced Finisar’s spending on IT from 4% of revenue to 2.4%Finance(Worthen, B., 2005): Pershing used ITIL in January 2004 and service counters at the Service Desk were able to find out about the process and the result of a similar problem in the past and answer the questions described in the call. If the call is not resolved within ten minutes, the service counter will automatically notify the appropriate specialist. If the specialist does not process the case in less than an hour, the head of the IT department (including Suresh Kumar) or senior cadres will be notified, and the case will be processed via video phone. Two hours later, the chief information officer will discuss with the supervisors of the business body about the problems presented in this case and draw up relevant countermeasures to prevent the recurrence of the next one. Twelve months after the Service Desk was reorganized by ITIL, the company’s processing time dropped to 50% of its original value. In addition, with each accumulated trace and record, IT staff can easily identify the crux of the problem and analyze and address these key issues.Education(Dan Tynan, 2007): Information Technology at Purdue (ITaP), followed a project-governance model and portfolio-management approach, began a customer-focused approach to providing IT services to Purdue’s 62,000 students and staff since 2005. BoilerCast, a podcast that allows Boilermaker undergraduates to download and listen to professors’ lectures at any time, is one of the 130 services available in the ITaP online services catalog, including payroll services, telephony and networking. ITaP introduced a course management system at 2006 at four Purdue campus locations. Its ITIL-based Service Desk can cut its second-level support calls by 50%. The group has just completed a unified ticketing and incident handling of BMC’s Remedy Service Desk. Coryell said the changes will allow ITaP to implement a $ 73 million ERP project without add more full-time staff or reduce service levels.Government(Dan Tynan, 2007): In the late 1990s, Oakland set up a PMO (Project Management Office) and implemented PM (Portfolio Management) software now known as CA Clarity PPM (Project Portfolio Management). Inter-departmental leadership groups meet once every three months to discuss the strengths and priorities of the project. The department has a series of two-year plans to get everyone in the know exactly where the IT industry will evolve over the next 24 months and take a corporate-wide approach to development. This enabled the county to cut the potential development costs of millions of dollars and undertake more ambitious projects as budgets continue to grow. Most recently, the county used CA’s Service Desk solution to bring the same governance principles to the service desk, route all events through a single point of contact, and minimize the upgrade


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