Many people are
thinking that Africa is just a simple country but they are not aware with the
beauty of Africa. There are 30 cities in Africa. There are many different and
beautiful places there. Everyone should visit it and explore the beauty. Once
you visit Africa it will become your favorite place. If you decided to go to
Africa then must visit each and every city in Africa. Basically, Africa is a
developing Country so some people think that it has no beauty no attraction
that attract the people towards itself. It has many Safari areas specially in
the Southern Africa.

Now lets talk
further about the beauty of Africa. Following are some Cities of Africa that
helps you to explore its beauty:

Lu xor:

      From the times of Amenhotep to the days
of Napoleon to trendy day people like Thomas cook dinner, ancient Thebes or the
state-of-the-art day Nile River Valley and certainly Luxor have captivated
persons internationally. Egyptomania is real spell binding. Seeing these
historic treasures stored secret for centuries up shut and personal is a
visceral feeling of success. You might be experiencing the oldest of treasures
and of historical past that we have here on the planet. It is a very strong
situation to be; to look the pleasant River Nile in all its glory; to believe
the vigour of the bygone eras; and to make yourself a small a part of the
historical past of the cradle of civilization. Luxor for me used to be simply
that; it was once outstanding.

Cutting-edge day
Luxor is split into three essential areas to talk over with. The town of Luxor
itself, which is a patchwork of constructions, many falling apart and/or
historic and decrepit watching however with a groovy without doubt Egyptian
think with the again alley eating places and bars. Then there’s the remarkable
temple difficult at Karnak and the necropolis of historical Thebes on the west
financial institution of the Nile.

Bujumbura, Burundi

                Buj is not a large city. It is
a small city but it is a beautiful city. It has a lake on its side which
differentiate the beauty of Buj from other beautiful cities. It has a best
view. The landscape of Buj is beautiful. When you are going to this city by bus
during your journey you will get a chance to see the beautiful mountains, lake.
If we saying that Buj is first class place then we are not wrong. Not only
beauty you will also get a delicious food there.


     Abidjan is best and beautiful place in
west Africa. If you compare Abidjan with other beautiful countries then it is
included in the list of Beauty. This area is not an established financially but
people living in this area are hardworking. From last couples of years with the
support of government people of Abidjan did lot of work and trying to
established a developed area from a developing area. Many other Countries and
governments are against to them. You just have to go and see their hard work.
And must appreciate their work.


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