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Many people believe that kids with one parent are very different from other children. They say that it is pretty much impossible to raise a child by yourself without a partner. Now, I see how people could be led to believe that without two parents, a child could be emotionally unstable or a child could not be raised properly. But the real question is… What is the difference between having one parent than two? Does a child really have to have both parents? With a lot of controversy around this topic, this argument has been very intriguing to people all across the globe. What people need to realize is that the structure of a family does not matter for properly raising a kid. What does matter, is what the children are being taught through their childhood as they mature. I believe that kids that only have one folk can be just as developed with kids that have two of them.What an average human being would say is that for a kid to mature properly, it has to be raised by two parents. In this world, we all know that you can’t have everyone on your side all the time. There is always going to be an opposing side of your thought process. In an article by the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, and they are the opposing side in this situation. Author of the article, “Single-parent families cause juvenile crime”,  Robert L. Maginnis states, “Children from single-parent families are more likely to have behavior problems because they tend to lack economic security and adequate time with parents”. (Magginus,1) What the writer is saying is that by being brought up by a single parent, it results in the kid having issues through their life. What I don’t think the writer understands is how difficult it can be to raise a child by being a single-parent. A single-parent has to has to spend time with their child as much as possible. They have to have an emotional bond with their kid. But, at the same time, in order to make money for themselves, they have to work full time in order to do so.It is an extremely difficult process, but it is more than possible.Secondly, Maginnis later states that “Boys who do not have fathers as male role models suffer especially”. (Maginnis,1) While he is not wrong about the importance of a father being there for his boy, there are tons of other ways to teach a boy how to become a man. I know because of my own experiences, what the author of this article is trying to explain is incorrect. My father is at work a lot so he’s not really part of my social life. I love him dearly but, he’s not that involved. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t have male role models in my life. My uncle is always here to help guide me through life the more and more mature I get. Me being a child with a kind of  single-parent has its pros. I didn’t really realize it, but my mom has done so much for me. She cooks, cleans, gives me money, buys me clothes. But the most amazing thing is, she still has time to listen about my social life and she teaches me how to live right and grow up to be man.Next, something else people don’t realize is that parents are becoming more and more common. According to the PRC(Pew Resource Center), the state this. “Today, fully 62% of children live with two married parents – an all-time low. Some 15% are living with parents in a remarriage and 7% are living with parents who are cohabiting. Conversely, the share of children living with one parent stands at 26%, up from 22% in 2000 and just 9% in 1960.”(PRC, Stanza 4) This is very scary because the number of children living with one parent is increasing. This just shows how such small faith is put into a relationship before deciding to have a child. Sadly, not all single-parents think about to the serious tasks needed to raise their kids. Parents who believe they would never be able to give support for their kids by themselves should have thought about that before deciding to become parents. If you are not ready to have a child, then don’t have that child. It’s that simple. If you do decide to have a child, and you have a deep love for this child, then you sure can be a great parent. You have to willing to apply yourself as a parent, to better the lives of your children.Whether you have to folks,or just one, children need guidance. They will grow to up to become the product of what you have taught them growing up. And, how they were raise extremely affects them and their future. Whatever kind of family structure it is, it has to be a structure of respect and very strong moral values that they one day will pass on to their family.