Marijuana, has been legalized in Colorado, Oregon, and

Marijuana, is it actually as harmful as many people in society are taught to believewhile growing up? I’m not sure if you have the same stance on that question as me, butI know growing up and going through different school drug awareness programs likeD.A.R.E, I was always taught to believe that this plant was terrible and that this plant couldonly be harmful to us. Since I became able to learn about all the different arguments for bothsides, I believe this substance is nothing but beneficial to people in multiple ways. Since marijuana has been legalized in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington State, taxes on the drug have produced over five million dollars in just the first few months. If marijuanawas helping fund each state, it would, in time, lower the national debt. In the stateswhere marijuana is legalized, they have noticed a significant drop in crime rates, drug war problems, and cartel activities. Legalization of marijuana would not only lower rates of multiple things many citizens complain about, such as crime and taxes, it could also replace many expenses for people taking multiple prescription drugs. In addition, crime rates have dropped drastically in legal states for the followingreasons: the drug war between cartels and street gangs started to slow down, and arrests among teens and adults for possession and intent to distribute has plummeted. These two facts alone accounted for many crimes committed. What crimes exactly have been dropping more and more in legal states? Well primarily simple disorderly offenses for possession and intent to distribute, felony charges for the same two crimes for people with larger quantities of marijuana, and murder rates from cartel and gang attacks. Since this has caused these rates to drop so severely, more people began to agree and began to support the legalization of marijuana.Primarily, since the tax revenue has increased in these states, they have helpedpay off debt, produced self funded construction. With this happening, inflation has occurred, but not in a major way. According to “Inflation is the increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money”. Since inflation hasn’t been going up significantly, there has been money for the states to be able to fund new projects like fixing bridges, buildings,  houses, roadways, and highways.  This will cause an increase in each state’s economy. With an increase in the economy’s money flow, deflation will occur and the value of a dollar will begin to increase again. Additionally, with the money being made from these taxes, people have begun torealize how easily and rapidly money could be made and national debt could be paid offin just a couple of decades. Colorado has produced just over one billion dollars throughthe first 10 months of 2016. Now, just take a moment and think about how big Coloradois, just imagine how much money a state twice as big with twice the population likeCalifornia, Texas, or Florida could produce. This will open up more employmentopportunities by creating jobs as growers, security for the farms, sales associates in thestores, and security in said stores. This lowers the unemployment rates. As thismovement gains more and more supporters, more money flows into the economy. Evensome presidential candidates agree and see the potential in this ‘drug.’ Although it is notclearly stated by any candidate, it is implied that they support the legalization ofMarijuana. With the legalization of marijuana the demand for many addictive prescription drugs like Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse, Percocet, Oxycodone, and many other Opiates. Take a second to think about how much would be lost by not prescribing so many different drugs. One honestlycannot be mad at these huge companies for doing everything they can to prevent this movement, they definitely would not want to lose that much money, would you? Surveys say that a percentage of teens that become addicted to prescription drugs has decreased in states where marijuana is legalized so it is no secret what the companies stand to lose by marijuana becoming legal everywhere. These states have also helped the housing of the homeless and helping the poor survive. This has caused a major drop in suicide rates. Legalization also brought downdrug abuse rates, and the annual overdose rates have dropped also. Furthermore, people are very hesitant to just join the pro marijuana bandwagon;they have many questions that they want answers to before making something legalafter it being illegal after it being considered an illegal “drug” for such a long time. Many common questions include: Is there going to be regulation in marijuana? Is there a limit on how much one person can buy at a time? Will there be an age requirement on it, just as tobacco and alcohol products do? As of right now, all dispensaries deal with cash only because this is still illegal on a federal level even if it is not on a state level. States that have dispensaries for recreational use, not only medical use, have noticed a decrease in teens consuming marijuana because it is readily available. If politicians holding positions federally would agree to this legalization, it would already be legalized and the headache of each individual state legalizing the drug could be avoided. But those higher politicians need more money to fund their campaigns and can not afford to not get large amounts of funding from big name pharma. So they choose to disagree with it no matter how well it could boost the economy because it does not help them directly. If politicians were not so easily paid off, this would be legal already, but people in the cannabis industry do not have as much money as big pharma and pro alcohol and tobacco companies. Politicians begin to look past the medical views of this because it helps curecancer, helps deal with pain from radiation, and also increases appetite while goingthrough rounds of radiation. Marijuana also helps people with vision disorders.Politicians do not want to admit this because it will help the legalization go faster than italready is. Many states have a medical use only policy that allows them to usemarijuana to help their conditions. In addition, if each state could stop receiving funding from the government, thereare millions of government dollars that could be used to help pay off the national debt orat the very least, lower the debt, or any other debt the country may have. Hemp, whichis a by product of the growing of marijuana, can be used for paper, clothes, and manyother materials. DuPont Corporation also pressured congress to illegalize hemp andmarijuana because a machine was invented during this time period, which helps lowerthe rate of deforestation bringing a halt to the killing of forests and killing of animalhabitats so less species will become extinct. These animals will only become extinctdue to natural selection. With fewer animals becoming extinct, the food chain for wildanimals becomes more stable for all animal species. In turn conserving the environmenteasier than most other ways. Hence, a growing number of states are done with prohibition and ready tolegalize, or at least decriminalize marijuana, for recreational use and/or medical uses. Legalizing marijuana on a federal level would provide economic benefit as well. The U.S. government spends a tremendous amount annually. Legalization would cut thenumber of imprisoned men and women for marijuana related offenses. Allowing men to stay with families and communities boosts social class within that communities and the boosts their own economy within that area. With legalization of a crop the requires cultivation, farmers, farm workers, fertilizer farmers, and other such related jobs all benefit. Trucking, railroads, and other types of transit, would benefit from this industry. Furthermore, tourism could also benefit from legalization. The U.S. needs to lookat solely Amsterdam, for a number of reasons. For example, one is their liberalizedmarijuana policy which allows visitors to sample the product. Full legalization would leadto more open usage of the drug, along with an up kick in tourism in regions well knownfor their crop and the quality of their marijuana products such as the bay area ofCalifornia. The numerous economic benefits outweigh the social concernsthat are instilled by propaganda. In conclusion, marijuana should be legalized because it is very useful medicalresource. It will also allow for money to be spent on law enforcement more wisely thanbefore, or just not wasted. This legalization will also tremendously increase revenuemade from taxes. Marijuana could generate billions of dollars annually, if it were taxedand sold in regulated shops. Marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug in the UnitedStates. The demand for it is so high that there will always be a supply even if it is anunderground black market run by criminals, or a nice convenience store on the corner ofa small neighborhood where crime rates decreased drastically, and the dispensary hirestownspeople creating more jobs therefore increasing the communities market value.Therefore why should we let criminals run the underground black market and make allthe money? If America were to have a legitimate supply that would meet the demanduse, then Mexico’s marijuana importers would have competition that they could notcompete with. As long as there is a demand for marijuana there will be someonesupplying it, legally or illegally. With regulations being made for this “drug,” there will bea DUI for driving under the influence. Yes, some may argue that marijuana does affectyour reaction time, judgment, etc. With the increase in jobs in the country if thelegalization were to go through so many things would benefit, transportation wouldbenefit from tourists traveling, therefore mechanics that work on transport vehiclesbenefit from legalizations generating money in those mechanic’s shops and helpinggenerate a healthy economy in yet another way. Small communities benefit fromdispensaries opening up increasing market value of town, creating tourism in those highquality marijuana regions. Yes there should be limitations to how much a person canhave, and if just anyone can grow and sell to dispensaries, or if the public cannot growat all and just let the government do all the growing. There are always people that overdo things, break laws, etc. laws will need to be set and regulations will be needed tocontrol the money flow. If each state can self fund road work projects and bridges thegovernment could save millions. If funding to law enforcement was cut for them trying totake down marijuana offenders or “criminals” the government would save even moremoney. Have you made up your mind yet? Do you think the legalization of marijuanashould happen? Has your opinion changed after you have read the blunt truth aboutthe legalization of marijuana that the government tries to hide from the public eye? Askyourself who is more responsible, the criminals in the black market, government, local,or state regulators?